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Amanda and Joe met in a bar in 2007. Joe bought Amanda a drink and they swapped phone numbers. Joe may have kissed Amanda but I'm not here to tell tales...

Joe called Amanda and invited her to go to a Red Sox game with him for their first date and Amanda happily agreed. And then Joe called Amanda again and said he couldn't wait until the game and asked if they could have a date in between.

We met up at Salisbury State Reservation Beach, Salisbury, MA which is such a great location for engagement pictures in the greater Boston area. You know I have a weakness for gorgeous are Amanda's burgundy heels:

Amanda and Joe laugh and laugh and then laugh some more. Joe looks at Amanda and laughs and then Amanda looks at Joe and laughs right back at him. Which is good. Laughing has been shown to have numerous health benefits and make for a happier marriage so I predict these two will live a long and healthy life together!

Oh and you'd probably like to hear about the proposal wouldn't you. It was February, just before Valentine's day and Joe arranged a surprise visit to the school where Amanda is a speech therapist to deliver some flowers. He'd spoken to some of her colleagues and they smuggled him in and hid him in Amanda's classroom so he was waiting as she walked in.

I like that story.

Almost as much as I like how Joe "spun" Amanda when I suggested they try out their "first dance" moves:

One of the things that happens when you're planning a wedding is the meeting of the parents. This can sometimes be a tense and stressful time. Will the two families get along?

My parents had only met Paul's parents very briefly before both families flew to Las Vegas for our wedding. We figured at the very least they would all be polite to each other and so it was such a great thing when they all got along so well. Right now I believe they're conspiring to all visit together in May so they can go on day trips to all the places that Paul and I haven't taken them to - Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Vermont...

Anyway, I digress, but Amanda & Joe's family also get along well! So much so that they even went on a joint beach vacation this summer.

I love shooting on the beach in the fall, it's quiet and you get lovely light to play with. I rode in a helicopter for this shot. Not really ;)

Joe was a trooper on the shoot as he was suffering from a bad case of poison ivy from some recent yard work. We figured a little dip in the icy cold salt water of the ocean might help him out and it proved to be a great idea as he found a sand dollar for Amanda. At the wedding I photographed in Maine on Sunday I learnt all about the five doves of the sand dollar; more on that tomorrow:

Amanda and Joe will have their wedding reception at the Four Seasons, Boston, MA next July, can you guess the date?

Oh OK then, just a few more....

Loving everything about this picture:

The End

How cute are Amanda and Joe? Why not tell them so in the comments? Or tell me if you'd like to see more engagement pictures today (Hillary & Paul up next then Jennifer & Wiktor) or if it's time for teeny tiny baby pictures...

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  1. Hi Leah, I'm Amanda's mom, this morning I got a call from Amanda yelling the pictures are up, the pictures are up!!!! I ran to my computer and turned it on and I started yelling OMG OMG these pictures are magnificient!!!! Amanda told me so much about you and I have been looking on your website at all your beautiful and very expressive pictures.You realy are a very talented young lady and I am so happy that you will betaking the pictures for the kids wedding and we will be looking through your very expressive eyes! Can't wait to meet you! Thank you again for capturing a fun loving happy couple in love!

  2. Hi Amanda's Mom :) You have a very beautiful daughter and even more importantly she's just a lovely person and I am so happy to be photographing her wedding to Joe! And I'm looking forward to meeting both families because you all sound wonderful!

  3. Hi Leah,

    I'm Joe's sister and soon to be Amanda's sister-in-law. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! They truly capture the love that Joe and Amanda have for eachother. I love your comments about each photo-- I laughed out loud! Excellent work :)