Boston Engagement Pictures :: Four Seasons + Public Garden :: Amanda + Joe

This time next week Amanda and Joe will be newlyweds!!! So it's time for you to see just a few images from their mini engagement shoot in Boston a few weeks ago. We did their main engagement shoot last fall on the beach, check it out **here** and it was fairly chilly. So we lucked out with much nicer weather this time.

I always enjoy it when a couple discover something new when we're taking pictures. It could be hidden dance moves, a talent for juggling or, as in the case of Amanda and Joe, finding out that your fiance is a secret nature fan. As we walked around the public gardens Joe was all "Oh, take a picture of the squirrels!"

I am so so so excited for their wedding next Saturday. It'll be especially fun because I'll have one of my 2010 couples there along with a future 2011 couple. Good times!

This was one of the very rare moments that Joe & Amanda weren't laughing hysterically at each other - you seriously have no idea how much these two laugh - it's awesome!

My in-laws came to visit recently and did some gardening while they were here. We now have an awesome "pom-pom" tree that needs regular clipping and cutting to keep it's shape. I am kind of tempted to shape the pom-poms into Mickey Mouse shape heads. I'm not really sure why I'm telling you this story other than the tree in the images below reminded me of my tree:

And then Joe was all "Oh! Look! Take a picture of the egg in the swan's nest!" And who am I to deny a man his nature pictures:

We stopped off at the Four Seasons where Joe & Amanda will have their wedding next Saturday for the quick outfit change:

And Amanda didn't disappoint with this awesome purple dress and killer heels. Joe was looking sharp too ;)

This is what I mean by the general hilarity and laughing:

At the beach engagement shoot I'd suggested that Joe spin Amanda (thinking like first dance style) and Joe instead put his finger on top of her head and "spun" Amanda his way ;) I thought it was so funny so they did it again:

And one last one as the sun went down in the Public Gardens.

How excited are you for next weekend? I bet you're not as excited as me! Well, unless you're Amanda or Joe. Then you're probably even a tiny bit more excited than me! But not much.....

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