Granite Links Golf Club Wedding Photographer :: Quincy, MA :: Lindsay + Matt (Part III)

I've been trying to get my wedding posts down from 4 or 5 installments to the more manageable number of 3. I mean, it sounds reasonable - one post for getting ready and any first look pictures, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Heck - I hear there are photographers out there who just do one blog post for each wedding! How hard can it be? Obviously too hard for me - as I'm at a mammoth 18 images for this reception post. And within some of those pictures I've done little collages of 12 pictures to fit more in.

So go and get a nice cup of coffee or a cold glass of wine (if you're reading this later in the day) while the images load up and then prepare yourself for part III of Lindsay & Matt's wedding pictures at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA.

And if you missed getting ready you'll find it **here** and the wedding ceremony at St Francis of Assisi in Medford, MA **here**.

Granite Links is a BEAUTIFUL wedding venue with amazing views of the Boston skyline. It was a crazy hot hazy day that we were there and the sky was that kind of humid white that blocks any views but as it went dark you could see the city lights twinkling in the sky. The Granite Links team were awesome - super helpful and friendly - I'd highly recommend it as a wedding venue!

Lindsay and Matt chose to use the tent which was made beautiful by a) the gorgeous flowers from Dogwood Floral and b)Boston Uplights working their magic with pink and white hanging lanterns and uplighting - more on that later

And I just realised that I hadn't shared a picture of the beautiful bridesmaids so here they are followed by one of Matt and the groomsmen goofing around:

The late afternoon sun was pouring into the tent as Lindsay and Matt did their first dance to Adele's "Make you feel my love" you can listen to her sing it live by clicking **here** - in fact you should totally have it playing in another window while you read this blog post because it's the most beautiful song ever:

I almost feel like I'm intruding on a private moment here:

Amazing toasts from Lindsay's dad Link, Matt's brothers Michael and Sean, his sister Katie (Lindsay's Matron of Honor) and Katie (Lindsay's Maid of Honor and one of my September brides!):

Lindsay and Matt chose not to see each other before the ceremony so we had to be a little creative in finding a few minutes here and there to get some pictures of the two of them. But I think we did very well :)

I should just mention how much I adore the lighting concept by Boston Uplights in the tent. Tents are really cool for a wedding reception but if they're not properly lit they can look a little ho-hum in pictures - you basically just have white plastic walls as a background. But if you go and meet with Paul and the team at Boston Uplights, they can come up with all sorts of awesome lighting designs for you...

Time for parent dances. Lindsay danced with her dad...

...and got a little emotional:

Matt danced with his mom:

And then the dancefloor was officially open. Now you might look at this picture and think - well this looks like a very polite well behaved wedding...

...even the strawberries were wearing chocolate tuxedos:

But then the jump-rope came out :) and the crowd got crazy ;) I can't even begin to tell you how much I love a little jump-rope at a wedding! It's always so hilarious how you can see people literally counting themselves in:

Matt was singing his heart out and Lindsay showed off her mad dance skillz:

Another 2 minute break for some night time couples portraits, loving the tent as a backdrop. The blue lighting felt kind of moody and romantic:

If there was an award for most laid back bride ever it would probably go to Lindsay. She was so incredibly relaxed about everything. For example, some brides might have a fit if their beautiful bouquets were bashed around as dancing props but Lindsay was giggling away:

Nothing like a late night photo opportunity for all of your closest school friends :) I am always more than happy to take big group shots during your wedding reception but helpful tip - you need to put someone who knows the people in charge of gathering everyone together! The last thing you want to be doing is trying to gather up a bunch of people who've likely had a few drinks at this point - it's best to have a somewhat responsible friend gather everyone together (or maybe ask your DJ to announce it during a good time so you don't kill the dancing). Here's the St Anselm crew:

Lots more dancing and sweet moments for Lindsay and Matt:

And that Ladies & Gentlemen is the end of Lindsay & Matt's wedding at Granite Links :) Did you have fun? I did!

Useful info:
Ceremony: St Francis of Assisi, Medford, MA
Wedding Reception (in the tent with spectacular views of Boston): Granite Links Golf Club, Quincy, MA
Wedding Photography: Leah Haydock
Wedding Gown & Bridesmaid Dresses: Allegria Bridal
Wedding Stationary: Lynne Johnson of Inviting Company
Flowers: Theresa Arsenault of Dogwood Floral
Hair & Make Up: Blushing Brides
Rolls Royce & Limos: Christopher Limousine
Cake: Montillio’s Bakery
DJ: Chip McConney
Lighting: Boston Uplights

One last one then. I mentioned to the Boston Uplights guys that I was going to take Lindsay and Matt outside for another 2 minute photo break and they were all "Oh, cool, we have a couple of spare wireless uplights. Want us to light the gazebo for you?" Er - yes please!!!

Lindsay and Matt - congratulations! You were SO much fun to work with and I just loved how happy you both were on your wedding day. Wishing you a lifetime of love and laughter together and jump-rope dancing :)

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Coming up later today - yes - two posts in one day! Pictures from Amanda & Joe's mini engagement shoot....


  1. Absolutely stunning!! And the lights from Bostonlights are truly incredible! :)

  2. Matt & Lindsey...Congratulations!
    Much happiness to you and may your marriage
    consist of a "Threefold Cord" -Ec 4:12.
    Your photo shoot was great...Lindsey, your gown was very beautiful and so were you.