Granite Links Golf Club Wedding, Quincy MA :: Lindsay + Matt (Part I)

It feels like FOREVER ago but it was only 3 weeks back that Lindsay & Matt got married on a scorchingly hot Saturday.

Since then I have somehow managed to photograph 4 additional weddings, 6 engagement shoots, held 5 client meetings, got over bronchitis, looked after my poor little doggy after tummy surgery, had my Mom to visit for a week and so obviously something had to give - I'm sorry for neglecting you blog readers...but look at it this way, there is SO much good stuff coming your way :)

So, back to the story, I arrived at Lindsay's room to get some getting ready and detail pictures, knocked on the door and it opened to a chorus of "Leah!!!!" which was pretty awesome. There was Lindsay of course, Katie (sister of the groom and bridesmaid at one of my weddings a few weeks earlier) and Katie (who'll be my bride on September 17th) and all of Lindsay's wonderful friends.

Some info first:
Ceremony: St Francis of Assisi, Medford, MA
Wedding Reception (in the tent with spectacular views of Boston): Granite Links Golf Club, Quincy, MA
Wedding Photography: Leah Haydock
Wedding Gown & Bridesmaid Dresses: Allegria Bridal
Wedding Stationary: Lynne Johnson of Inviting Company
Flowers: Theresa Arsenault of Dogwood Floral
Hair & Make Up: Blushing Brides
Rolls Royce & Limos: Christopher Limousine
Cake: Montillio’s Bakery
DJ: Chip McConney
Lighting (if you're having your wedding reception in a tent you HAVE to call these guys): Boston Uplights

Let's start with the beautiful invitation:

I love the excitement and energy of the pre-wedding pictures. Lindsay's Mom, Patti said something sweet that made her tear up and the giggles continued:

As all of the ladies were getting their hair and make up expertly done, Lindsay's dad, Link was practising his dance moves. I think he's bringing sexyback:

A little hint of the amazingness that was Lindsay's wedding dress:

Loving the soft white peonies in Lindsay's bouquet and the pop of color for the bridesmaids:

I could have photographed Lindsay all day, oh wait, I did ;)

I swear on Coco Chanel's life that there's no photoshoptomfoolery going on here, Lindsay's eyes really are that green:

Recently I've been asking my brides if they want their parents to step out for just a minute whilst they slip into their gown with help from their bridesmaids. The parents can then come back in to get the full effect. It's good either way, some Mom's want to be the ones helping her into the dress for example. I do have a little soft spot for the moment that the parents see their little girl as a bride for the first time:

I popped over to the room where the guys were getting ready - usual drill - sport on the TV, bud lights in the cooler and the expected wrangling of suspenders and cufflinks ;) I like that Matt's brother wears his shades inside...

This careful following of the "how to fold a pocket square" instructions:

One more of Lindsay:

And it's time for a wedding ceremony! We're at St Francis of Assisi in Medford, MA:

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