Happy Halloween from the Hallowieners 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Yup - it's that time of year where I make our miniature dachshunds don their Halloween outfits and let me take pictures of them. It occurred to me that the dogs are actually 11 years old and they've never had hot dog halloween outfits...they've been...
Sharkwieners (my favorite!)

...and on other holidays they've been
Easterwieners (yellow bunnies)
Easterwieners (terrible bunny ears)

...so I figured 2014 would be the year of the wiener wieners :) Enjoy! We'll be back to wedding and engagement pictures in the next post!)

On the left is Coco Chanel and on the right is Tiger Woods (no she's actually a girl dog and yes she was named before Tiger's "indiscretions") 

The dogs aren't very fond of posing in hot dog bun outfits so Paul was my official dog wrangler:

I can take formal family pictures of up to 30 people at weddings each week and they're all looking at the camera and smiling but can I get the attention of 2 small dogs? No. 

Tiger decided to make a run for it:

We caught her and brought her back and she proceeded to ignore us:

Coco is only happy when she's sitting next to me or on my knee so being 4 feet away from me for pictures was torturous for her:

Have a safe and happy Halloween from the WienerWieners!

Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Laura + Jay

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Laura and Jay both grew up in the same town in New Hampshire where they attended different high schools. Over the years their paths crossed once or twice, at the gym and another time at a Christmas party…

After graduation, Laura went to school in Washington, DC and Jay in Maine. They crossed paths again during their first summer home from school and somehow got to talking about the kind of movies they liked.

Jay challenged Laura to sit through one of his favorite scary horror movies and Laura agreed as long as Jay sat though Stomp the Room :) They made it through their film marathon and this led to dating and then a long distance relationship. 

Fast forward to Jay deciding he wanted to propose to Laura. Jay was named after his grandfather who proposed to Jay's grandmother with an engagement ring that belonged to his grandmother (Jay's great, great, grandmother!). When Laura saw Jay's grandmother handing over a ring to Jay at a family gathering she had an inkling of what might happen next!

It seems that Jay isn't a big planner and so his sudden interest in making dinner plans only made Laura even more suspicious! Jay confirmed these suspicions when he not only proposed over dinner with his grandmother's ring but wowed Laura with a surprise party of their closest friends and family! 

I met up with Laura and Jay in Newburyport and it was one of those weird days where the weather forecast was perfect all week and then suddenly there were storm and rain alerts popping up. We crossed our finger and got lucky as the rain didn't come until just before sunset. So we stopped for a glass of wine and oysters :)

It seemed rude not to take advantage of the twinkle lights of the harbor

Laura and Jay - that was a lot of fun! I hope you like these few favorites of mine! Lots more uploading in your gallery as I write this blog post!!! I can't wait for your July 2015 wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel! 

Wentworth by the Sea Country Club Wedding Pictures :: Alyssa + Will

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Tuesday! I have a beautiful wedding at Wentworth-by-the-Sea Country Club for your viewing delight today! I started my day with Alyssa and the girls in the Marina Suites of the Wentworth Hotel and photographed some of the details of the day...

Meanwhile Audrey was over with Will and the guys in the suite next door! Lots of help on the tie front :) 

You'd like to see Will's cufflinks closer? Of course - from President Obama himself:

All of the flowers were by the ridiculously talented Betsy of the Flower Kiosk in Portsmouth, NH. Loved the delivery of the boutinnieres on this adorable little stamped board. And just wait until you see the centerpieces…. 

Back with the girls Alyssa was in the middle of hair and make up. I was delighted to see Jennifer Tawa taking care of everyone's hair, Jennifer is an amazing hair stylist :)

Alyssa was helped into her beautiful L'elite wedding dress by her mom Joan and sisters Wendy and Amanda:

Thoughtful monogrammed necklaces for all of Alyssa's bridesmaids:

Will and Alyssa really wanted to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests so they chose to do a first look. This is always a smart decision but for Alyssa and Will it was especially smart! They both have big families with lots of groupings not to mention a large wedding party so it meant we could allow extra time for all of the family and wedding pictures. Also, when you have an outdoor ceremony there's a good chance you'll be looking a little windswept after the ceremony - taking all of the formal pictures before means that everyone looks just perfect!

Will and Alyssa seeing each other for the first time :) I should also take a second to mention I was working alongside Jim and James of Boston Wedding Films, always a pleasure to work with one of the very best film teams in New England!

We then took a little walk in the gardens of the Wentworth Hotel:

Alyssa - could you look more beautiful!?!? I think not!

We were then joined by Alyssa and Will's wedding party who were a ton of fun! Bridesmaids and groomsmen outside Wentworth by the Sea Hotel

We travelled the short distance over to the Wentworth by the Sea Country Club. A huge shout out to Linnea and Tracy of Tangorra Wedding Planning, it's always a blast working with Linnea, she's the most organized and unflappable person ever not to mention pretty hilarious. Wentworth by the Sea Country Club Wedding Clubhouse

We took a couple more wedding party pictures by the water battling the wind and keeping a watchful eye on the incoming clouds! Totally loving the cornflower blue J.Crew bridesmaid dresses and the beautiful hand tied bouquets: Cornflower blue JCrew bridesmaid dresses with bouquets

Relaxed family pictures not to mention some pretty cute flower girls and ring bearers! 

Will's mom Di not only made and painted the wedding sign but also made all of the driftwood and rock table names:

Alyssa walked down the aisle with her proud parents Larry and Joan where Will waited with a big smile

A storm was rolling in and the wind was getting up but miraculously the rain stayed away for the ceremony! The wind led to some technical issues with Alyssa's veil but sisters Amanda and Wendy helped hold it and stop it from blowing away! Alyssa and Will smiled away through the ceremony: Wedding pictures of outdoor ceremony at Wentworth by the Sea Country Club

Cocktail hour - always fun to enjoy delicious little hors d'oeuvres with a glass of wine or a cocktail - but even more fun and delicious when Eventide Oyster Co are in attendance with a raw bar and the most yummy little lobster rolls with brown butter that you will EVER EAT IN YOUR LIFE. Trust me - if you ever find yourself in Portland, Maine you have to go get a lobster roll at Eventide. In fact order three. And then thank me later. 

The clouds were gathering overhead (this fabulous picture of the tent is Audrey's):

I've photographed a number of weddings at Wentworth by the Sea and I've never seen the tent look so beautiful! Loved the rustic farmhouse tables with burlap runners. Will and Alyssa (if you hadn't guessed by the presence of Eventide lobster rolls) are big foodies and they worked with Betsy at Flower Kiosk to come up with the idea for these amazing herb centerpieces. The menus suggested herb pairings for each of the entrees and guests were invited to use the tiny antique garden scissors to snip some fresh thyme, parsley or chives to accompany their dinner. Herb wedding centerpiece with antique gardening scissors

Alyssa and Will made their grand entrance and went straight into their first dance as husband and wife which then segued into parent dances:

Toasts were all kinds of funny as we heard all about Will's pursuit of Alyssa at school, Will's height requiring a new bed in the guest room, Alyssa's new love of the outdoors at Will's family's island home and more:

And then, as if the night couldn't get any better…Will's brother Edward performed with the wedding band One Step Ahead.

I occasionally see guests or family members sing a song with the wedding band but when the best man/brother of the groom is the lead singer of Grizzly Bear and the song is "Two Weeks" then you know you're in for a treat. Go buy the song on iTunes now and then be sad that you didn't get to see this amazing performance. Grizzly Bear lead singer Ed Droste performs at his brothers wedding Grizzly Bear Ed Droste singing Two Weeks

The dance floor was declared open and Alyssa and Will's friends and family danced the night away.  

Adorable anchor coaster favors:

Yup, still dancing (regular blog followers might recognize Amanda & Mike in the top right of the picture below - I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding in 2012 and it was lovely to see then again!): 

Happy Will and Alyssa at the end of the night: 

The driving rain foiled our chances of heading out on a golf cart for some sunset pictures but I grabbed this one at the end of the night.

Alyssa and Will - what a blast that was! You two had so much fun on your wedding day and it was a joy to document! Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, health, happiness and delicious dinners together!