New wedding albums for 2009

So after the wedding, it's all about the wedding album! You want something FABULOUS to show to your friends and family and to relieve every fantastic moment.

The image below shows just one of the 14 different album options I have available. It's a flush-mount, panoramic, photographically-printed album with a brushed copper cover - and it weights a ton! Other custom cover options include engraved metals, Italian leather, colored linens and much more.

Maybe you're thinking but what on earth is she talking about? Panoramic albums allow you to have a wide image running across the two pages with no break through the middle - great for images of a large wedding party. Flush mount albums have the image extending all the way to the edge of the page, this makes for an upscale heirloom quality book. Photographic printing means that the pages are archival quality professional photographic paper. Press printing is the alternative and is a great affordable option for say a mini purse album or a parent album.

It's always best to meet with your photographer and review album choices along with design options. When someone looks through one of my bespoke designed wedding albums I want them to tell you the story, show you the love, let you hear the music, taste the champagne bubbles on your tongue and maybe just bring a little tear to your eye...

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