Grrrrrrr - you're a tiger....

I was delighted when an super talented jewelry designer contacted me about photographing her new collection for her upcoming website.

Her work is just beautiful....and she offers bespoke wedding collections (!!!) - working with brides to create custom pieces for the bridesmaids for example. Stay tuned for the website address...

I decided to take inspiration from Austin Powers for the photoshoot "it's so crazy I'm not even shooting you now, mmmmm you're an animal, grrrrr you're a tiger!"

Seriously - we worked together to come up with concepts that fit the image of the collection - glamorous, fun, sophisticated, classic yet modern, striking and unique - here's an advanced preview of some of the shots

A reflective moment (ha ha - reflective - get it?)

The designer was an engineer in a previous life and it shows in the intricate design and workmanship. I loved this necklace of royal purple freshwater pearls.

The necklace and bracelet below were designed to perfectly match the chocolate brown bridesmaid dress (and custom packaged in the wedding colors of brown and pink)

I was in love with this background and yes - it really was as much fun as it looks!

One last product shot

For the photographers out there, I shot these using a Ray Flash from ExpoImaging fitted to an Nikon SB800 speedlight to turn it into a ringlight for that cool fashion look without crazy shadows on the wall behind the models. Makes your camera feel a tiny bit unbalanced (and you have to make sure you have it firmly locked down on the flash) but way more portable than a full size studio ringlight.


  1. Gotta love ring flash...I NEVER get tired of it!!! Great work :)

  2. Luuuuuurve your colors!!!!!! I really do!!! Bright colors have ALWAYS attracted me, and you use them so well!!! I love that red wall!!!! And the blue...and the pink....and I think i'm going to hyper ventilate!! :)

    I look forward to seeing more of your style!!!