My gran is online!

A little background - my grandmother lives in England and is probably the best person I know in the whole world (seriously). She's a little over 80 years old (a lady never reveals her age) but should be an inspiration to us all as she's always up for a challenge and for trying something new.

When I moved to the US in 2002 she took her first transatlantic flight and enjoyed it so much she now comes to visit me at least once a year. Never one to shy from the unknown - last year she enjoyed her first jello shot and even tried sushi (although she declared the nori "not for me - thanks").

And now my grandmother is online with an email address and everything - declaring "I'll figure out this damn google even if it kills me". The picture above was taken by my Mom last year in Newburyport - a little out of focus but nice composition - so Nan - this blog post is for you - love you lots and lots! And if you manage to leave me a comment above (clue - click on the "comments" word above the picture) - I'll upgrade you when you come out in July ;-)

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