Wedding photography is the just the tip of the iceburg...

I had a great response to last week's post about recommending a professional make-up artist - click here if you missed it - and I received a couple of questions that I thought might be better answered here.

And because blogging is always more exciting with pictures...

Question: Do you have more pictures I can see showing the work of the make-up artist you recommended? D.T. Lowell, MA

Answer: Yes! Just for you, all of the pictures on this blog will feature Ligia Centeno's work. Click on the images to make them larger. I should also point out that the rather stunning up-do above is by Ann Jenkins (you can contact her at 617-719-2084)

Question: I'm interested in a bridal photoshoot with images like you posted last week, is this something you can do? R.S. Andover, MA
Answer: Yes! Photography of the actual wedding is just the tip of the iceburg. I also enjoy photographing all sorts of other wedding-related events. Here's a quick summary:

Engagement: Forget posed photos with the girl stiffly holding her hand on the guy's chest to show off that sparkler. Many couples that I work with today might have been engaged for a while and they aren't really interested in submitting pictures for the newspaper announcement, but they LOVE getting real and relaxed images showing who they really are. We pick a cool location and then just head out and enjoy it!

Bridal: Think of this as your own personal fashion shoot. And who doesn't love a reason to wear their wedding dress more than once.

Day-after/Trash the dress: The objective is not to actually trash the dress, simply to get those romantic, playful, modern images of the two of you as a married couple without worrying about getting to the reception on time. Splashing around in the ocean is not required - but I love it when it happens ;-) And if your new husband is all wedding'd out - we can go it alone!

Boudoir: A totally unique gift for your future husband or even just for you! Imagine stunning, tasteful, playful, intimate and personal photographs bound in a beautiful fine art book.

One last image before I sign off for today - enjoy!

Location: Sheraton Commander, Cambridge, MA
Makeup: Ligia Centeno ( or 617-970-3454)
Hair: Ann Jenkins (617-719-2084)


  1. WOW. That first image is stunning. What gorgeous work!

  2. your work is fabulous, I especially love the 1st image.