Carmen + Jamie :: Wedding

Yesterday I was a GUEST at a wedding - yup, no official duties. Carman works with my husband and it was a beautiful sunny day as she married Jamie. The ceremony was at St Andrew's by the Sea Chapel in Rye Beach, NH, check out this window in the chapel:

As a guest, I'm always very respectful that the professional photographer has an important job to do and I stay out of the way - it can be really hard when I'm trying to photograph a wedding and a guest jumps in front and blocks my view, or shoots like crazy over my shoulder!

Plus as a guest I'm not going to bring all my usual equipment - back up camera, array of lenses and strobes. So I limited myself to just one camera and two lenses - the tiny 50 1.8 and my most favorite lens, the 85 1.4 and no flash as that was about all I could fit in my cute Coach purse ;-)

The chapel is small and intimate and the ceremony was very meaningful. Carman & Jamie chose a thoughtful scripture reading from Ephesians and it was requested that no pictures are taken during the ceremony so here's the happy couple after the service:

The elegant reception was just perfect at the Abenaqui Country Club in Rye, NH

Here's the new Mr & Mrs. Estabrooks - LOVING the reflection of the guests in the mirror:

Their first dance was to one of my all-time favorite songs,it's such a beautiful melody - "Flightless Bird, America Mouth" by Iron & Wine (follow the link and click on #12 to listen - divine!) from the super-popular Twilight film.

Just look at the way they're looking at each other - brought a little tear to my eye!

Congratulations Carman & Jamie! And thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you - we had so much fun

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