Kristine + Marc :: Giddy

When I first Kristine and Marc I knew I really wanted to be their photographer for so many reasons and they were all confirmed at their engagement shoot at Salisbury Beach.

We talked about their upcoming wedding at the unique Green Meadows farm in Hamilton, MA and then at O'Fado and how they want to celebrate their Portuguese heritage and pay homage to their families. I can't help but sense that as much as they're excited to get married, Kristine & Marc are absolutely giddy about simply being married.

I describe them as giddy (Dictionary definition: Having a reeling, lightheaded sensation; Causing or capable of causing dizziness) because that's the word Kristine chose to describe the way they felt after their first date together as they sat across from each other in the office and tried to work.

Now two years after that first date they're engaged to be married in the fall and in my professional opinion they are still completely giddy in love

Did I mention that Kristine & Marc are a hoot to be around? I sent Marc down to the water's edge to write something in the sand, I was expecting their initials in a heart or something cute so seeing PB&J threw me a little. But once they explained that they used to call each other PB (Marc is pretty smooooooth) and J (Kristine is super sweet) it all made sense.

Mmmm - soft blue sky and the gentle breeze.

I love it when people trust me when I get a daft idea - which is pretty often - I'll see some interesting light or location and so when I suggested we all lie in the road, Kristine & Marc were all like "sure - here? will you just tell us if a car's coming?" - love it!

As the sun started to set and turned the sky into a giant softbox, we went back down to the sand and Kristine & Marc sat down together. Kristine admitted that she'd been a bit nervous about the shoot and at one point said "you can photoshop my face right?" Oh yeah - totally - except that she looks like a supermodel in the photo below!

Sometimes at an engagement shoot I'll have to tell couples to lean in closer and hug tighter. Not a problem with these two. I've got a bunch more beautiful images to process and I can't help but notice in every picture how they just seem to fit - check out this one:

Kristine and Marc met in the office; it was a pretty big surprise when they first got talking and found out that they were both Portuguese. Marc is fluent and Kristine is learning as "we want to speak Portuguese to our children". May I be as bold as to say that I think they're going to have some rather good looking babies...

I'll end with a little silhouette/sun flare action:

October can't come fast enough....hope you guys had as much fun as I did!

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