Matt & Caitlin

When a couple contact me to discuss their wedding photography, I like to ask how they met and fell in love as it helps me get to know them a little better (plus who doesn't like hearing cute stories?).

I met Matt & Caitlin in a Starbucks in Andover and I loved how we just chatted for an hour; they were super-relaxed and just happy to be together and getting married. After I heard all about their amazing plans for the ceremony in a tiny white New England Church, and the beautiful reception at the Rockport Art Association, I asked how they met.

As Caitlin declared "It's a great story, I always wanted a story like this!", Matt smiled gently at Caitlin as with blue eyes sparkling, she told me...

...Caitlin grew up in NYC, studied in Dublin, lived in Arizona and she had just moved to Boston. It felt like recently she'd watched all of her friends get married. After joining a coed soccer team, Caitlin found herself enjoying the game and her new friends but lamenting the lack of "hotties" on the team.

One cold, wet, miserable Sunday morning in March, Caitlin dragged herself out of bed for an early morning soccer game and as she arrived at the pitch she noticed someone new, someone interesting! Asking her friend "who's that?!?" she found out that Matt was "one of the twins".

Caitlin's reaction "There are TWO of them?!"

After the game was over, some of the young twenty-somethings were discussing going out and Caitlin laughed that she probably wouldn't go as she wasn't 21 any longer. Matt quietly said "What are you? Like 24?" and when Caitlin replied that she was 28, he immediately looked up and introduced himself "Hi, I'm Matt"

Caitlin asked her friend Olivia to subtly find out more about Matt. Olivia had the easiest wing(wo)man job in the world when shortly afterward she received an email from Matt asking her for Caitlin's contact info...just over two years later and they're getting married.

I had a ton of fun photographing Matt & Caitlin in Boston, we started in Beacon Hill where Caitlin lived when they first started dating:

Did you know that this may be the most photographed street in Boston? I didn't, but I know that the other photographs are as good as this one - they're missing a cute couple in love on the cobblestones:

Caitlin rocking it out here:

Caitlin, I think you found your "hottie" (Sorry Matt ;-))

I think Matt feels that maybe he found his "hottie" too:

Way too much fun. As we were leaving, Caitlin tells me (did I mention how I love her happy relaxed approach to stuff? I do!) "Leah, as long as we have maybe 5 or 6 images that are OK then that'll be fine". I think we did a little better than that, so I'll leave you with this OK image:

Click on the little white "play" triangle in the middle of the image below for a mini-movie


  1. The pictures and video are fantastic! I can't wait for the wedding!

  2. These photos are great - I can't wait for the wedding! Congrats again!

  3. These are beautiful. I especially love the 3rd photo.