Side by side on a bench in the harbor - Krikor & Denise

I seem to remember reading once about the % of people that meet their future spouse at work. I know it certainly worked for me - I first saw my now husband in an office in Kingston-upon-Hull in 1997 and just look where we are now - so I tried googling to find the exact numbers but bizarrely found no surveys out there.

So in the absence of any true statistics I am going to throw out there that approximately 21.74% of people meet their future spouse in the office. And I have a lovely example of that for you now...

Denise & Krikor
first met at work in 2004; they would talk to one another about all sorts of things including Lebanon where Krikor grew up.
- Denise thought that Krikor might be a good match for a friend.
- Krikor thought otherwise, asking "So when are we going to go out?"

And on their first date they went on a Boston harbor tour and ended the date companionably sitting side-by-side on a bench, enjoying an order of calamari to go, looking out at the ocean (and maybe at each other too...)

We went back to the harbor for their engagement shoot, the sun was high and bright in the sky so we decided to have a glass of wine and some more calamari at The Daily Catch until the sun dipped low enough for that beautiful golden glow.

When I head out with a couple for an engagement shoot I explain they may feel a little like stars being followed by the paparazzi for a few minutes and then they'll relax and by the end of the shoot there will be no stopping them.

Denise is also a wedding photographer and admitted that she was a tiny bit nervous about being in front of the camera but Krikor just rolled with everything in his relaxed manner and we soon began to suspect he had been practicing his best GQ poses

After a few years of dating, Krikor took Denise to Lebanon to meet his family, and while he was there he worked with a jeweler to design a stunning engagement ring...(click on image below to go big)

Denise is a girl after my own heart - she managed to locate the shoe district of Lebanon and return with not one...not two...but three pairs of shoes including these rather fabulous silver ones!

Spotted this rather interesting wall at the side of the Barking Crab:

Shortly after returning from the trip with the ring, Krikor took Denise back to the scene of their first date for an early birthday celebration. After a harbor cruise they ended up sitting side by side on a bench and Krikor gave Denise a card. She opened it to see not a birthday message but the words asking "Will you marry me?"

And so in August Denise will marry Krikor at St Stephen's Church in Watertown - yay!

Did I mention that there is a currently a 100% success rate for couples that meet in the office, have their first date in Boston Harbor and enjoy calamari?

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