Tracey + Jim :: Married just reported that the secret to a happy marriage is laughter. Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you the evidence that Tracey & Jim are going to have a very very very happy marriage.

Weddings can be just a teeny tiny bit stressful - you may have spent the last year (maybe longer) planning every last detail and you want everything to go just perfectly. Now I'm not saying that Tracey & Jim hadn't been planning like crazy but I just loved how they were totally relaxed and just had a phenomenal day...

Tracey's about to walk down the aisle on the arm of her father. Nervous? No.
Stressed? No.
Joyful & Happy? Yes!

And here's Jim catching his first glimpse of Tracey - check out that Cheshire Cat grin!

And during the ceremony - more smiles and laughter...

I personally had a HUGE smile on my face - not only was I so happy for Tracey and Jim but I had the amazingly talented Susan Ashe of Ashe Photography shooting for me. Susan is local to the Michigan area and was an absolute dream to work with. I was in awe when I received the images she'd captured of the ceremony from the balcony and just wait until you see the ones of the children...I think she'll be adding some on facebook soon

Shot by Susan Ashe:

The best wedding party is made up of family...and isn't this one cool looking family?

I don't think Campbell's smile could get any wider...

I love it when couples schedule some alone time either prior to the ceremony or before the reception for pictures of the two of them love...and wouldn't you know it with these two...laughing!

Hmmm, is that Tracey's tongue in Jim's ear???

Josh, Campbell, Keri & Courtney - you were all superstars!

First dance together as husband and wife, loving the twinkly lights at Crystal Gardens:

Tracey & Jim's friends were a blast, the whole group headed to the lobby bar for a celebratory shot before returning for more dancing, I shot this one looking at their reflections on the mirror (thank you to the very nice barmaid who kindly let me sneak behind the bar!):

And there you have it:

Tracey + Jim + Family + Friends = Laughter = Happy Marriage.

Tracey & Jim - I had a blast over the wedding weekend, from the family shoot at the swimming pool the night before the wedding to the last crazy dance it was an absolute pleasure and I am so happy for you both!

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  1. Leah you captured this wedding beautifully! Your images are story telling at it's best. It was such a pleasure working with you and meeting this wonderful couple and family. My very best to all of you. I had a blast!