Yup, I admit I was a girl scout when I was little...

Corey & Isaiah met, fell in love and live in New York City; they're getting married in the beautiful Maudslay Arts Center in Newburyport, MA in the fall and I can't wait to shoot their wedding!

Corey found me through the wonders of google and we had a GREAT (truly, really great - with lots of "oh, I think that too" comments) conversation - how they met (more on that when I blog their lifestyle pics), the proposal, the fabulous wedding plans (BBQ & Bluegrass band anyone?) and so I was delighted when last minute plans brought Corey to Newburyport tonight.

I got to meet Corey (even better in real life and can't wait to meet you too, Isaiah!) and her lovely parents - Don & Marilyn - and now I REALLY can't wait to shoot their wedding! While we chatted over coffee in Starbucks, there may have been a little coffee spillage incident and I was sorry that I didn't have my fabuloso SHOOTSAC camera bag with me as true to my girl scout roots, I am always prepared....because posts are always better with a picture, here are some of the non-photography contents of my bag:

Contents of Leah's camera bag:
Little sewing kit,
Advil for any tension headaches
Tic Tacs for 2-calorie fresh breathe essential for kissing - for the bride and groom, I don't go around kissing everyone
Victoria's secret Stylist tape - LOVE it for fixing hems/hiding bra straps
Sephora blotting papers - shiny bride bad, beautifully blotted bride good
Shout stain remover & Tide to go - just in case that wedding cake smushing gets a bit out of hand
Band aids - although the smart bride is also prepared and wears in her shoes

Plus maybe a few lenses, flashes, batteries - all that junk :-)
Happy birthday to Marilyn on Friday

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