Back from a little vacation...

With the fantastic NE weather, weddings tend to be pretty seasonal and concentrated between June and October - I like to take a little break in between the Summer and Fall weddings so we headed up to Ogunquit, Maine to do a little camping. I haven't camped since I was maybe 8 years old...but it was pretty fun.

The rustling of the trees overhead as you sleep, the heat of the campfire on your back, the smoke of the fire in the potato, the sweetness of the smores and the joy of holding the winning hand of cards :)

Photo credit: Paul Haydock

Yes - I think there may be a little tear in my BCBG wrap-cardigan. Darn it!

Disclaimer: all photos taken on my little Sony Point&Shoot camera or the iPhone so apologies for the bluriness :-)

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  1. wow! brings back great memories. I love Maine we used to go up to Bar Harbor to visit friends, beautiful country up there!