Brett + Georgette :: Engaged

In just a few months time, I will be photographing the wedding of Brett & Georgette. Yay!
Last weekend we met up in Boston to photograph their lifestyle shoot.

Oftentimes, I'll be asked "what should we wear?" and my answer is always "whatever you feel comfortable in - as long as you don't clash with one another!"

But can I just admit to LOVING it when one of my brides rocks a cute dress with heels! And throw in some jewelry and I'm in heaven.

So when I saw Georgette I was so happy! Never mind the dress/heels/accessories - check out her sparkling eyes! Unfortunately you can't get that through eye drops - nope - just love! How cute are these two??

And Brett seems pretty happy too!

A typical lifestyle/engagement shoot involves wandering around our location with me muttering "hmmm, nice light here, how would you feel about standing against the wall/lying on the floor/making out" and how great are my clients when they do just that!

We were on our way to Beacon Hill when the light in the street just looked so perfect. I stood way back with my lovely 70-200 2.8 lens on and snapped away. A couple of passer-bys remarked "Huh - I'd like that job" to Brett & Georgette. They assumed they were professional models - I think you can understand why when you see this one...

I guess the official engagement portrait often includes a close-up of the engagement ring? Would this one count? Kind of hot I think!?!??

More lovely light in the public gardens...

SO excited for September!!! Brett & Georgette - hope you had as much fun as I did!!! And here's all the pictures from their shoot!

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