Conversation at a wedding....

I photographed the BEST wedding yesterday, more about that later, right now I'm in the midst of downloading/processing the 52GB of memory cards that were shot.

Midway through the evening I'm with Derrick (from the fabulous Morin Photography who second shot with me), a wedding guest approaches and the most random conversation ensues...

Wedding guest [to me and Derrick]: Hey!!! You guys are doing an AWESOME job

Me: Well, thank you

Wedding guest: I mean, you look like you're working really hard so that's awesome

Me: Thanks, we're trying!

Wedding guest: Of course, we haven't seen the pictures yet so I guess we don't know if you're really doing an awesome job. You could have completely f*cked it all up...

Derrick [smiles]: Hopefully not, that's why you hire a professional

Wedding guest: Yeah, maybe you just look like you're working really hard....and really you've f*cked it up!

Me: Don't you worry, the joys of digital means that we check occasionally, so we know we're getting a bunch of great images.

Wedding Guest: Hmmm, we're getting married soon and we're hired a pro, I mean she has a website so she must be a pro right? Of course, if she f*cks it up we'll come after her...anyway, gotta go take a leak

Is it just me or is that pretty funny? The photographer involved is actually phenomenal by the way - stunning work :-)


  1. That's priceless, "and we're hired a pro, I mean she has a website so she must be a pro right?". Yeah, everybody with a website is a pro, no really you're probably going to be fine it's not like anything on the web is ever wrong is it.

  2. It's funny - that conversation is the clearest memory I have of that day! That guest was hilarious. People often tell me I'm doing a great job, and I think 'how would you know? you haven't seen the pictures yet!'

    I have no doubts about Leah though. She was cool and capable all the way. If you are considering hiring her you have probably already looked through her portfolio and love what you see. I can tell you that she was a pleasure to work with and handled he entire day like a real pro. I'm thrilled she has asked me to work with her again. Thanks Leah - looking forward to it!