Do you know someone/something deserving?

Wow - December 12th it is (thanks to Jeremy Cowart for the inspiration) Final details to be figured out but I've blocked my calendar to simply take portraits for people who need them. I'll be looking for your help - yes, that's right - you! I have about 500 visitors to my blog each month so I know you know someone....a person, a family, a charity, an organization, a place, a shelter, a movement, a something that needs pictures......more info to follow but I'm here at if you have suggestions.

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  1. This is such an AWESOME idea!! And of coarse I have someone in mind. I have a dear friend Lorraine, someone who was like a mom to me during my working years (i'm a stay at home mom now), when my own mother was not in my life. She is a single mother, and has been on more than one occassion throughout her sons life. She was divorced not long ago, and life has thrown her so many curve balls. She has been mom and dad most of her sons life, and he is such a remarkable young man. She is such a great mom to her son Cody. She is always smiling and encouraging others even in the midst of her own storms. Recently her and her son were baptized and she has spoken of starting over in their life. .. yet again. No matter what life throws at her, she remains positive, caring, giving and loving to others. I couldn't think of a better or more deserving person than her. And what a blessing it would be to have photographs of her and her son to remember their new begining together! A photograph of a special moment in time is priceless!