A little more Corey & Isaiah...

Read the post below for their story but in the meantime, a little movie for your enjoyment (grab the popcorn and then click on the white "play" arrow in the middle)

But here's my quandary, the first song I set it to is beautiful but I feel like Corey & Isaiah are a little more fun and lively than it implies so I re-recorded to this one mainly because of the first line "I like to dance all day..."

So I'll post them both and perhaps you'd like to leave a comment with your preference :-)


  1. Comments have now been fixed (sorry! they were unavailable for a while!), here is a comment from Dorothy: "I don't know Corey and Isaiah together. I only know Corey as Corey and have yet to meet her blushing groom. They have to be a funny and lighthearted couple because I know Corey well and can't imagine her with anyone without a sense of humor. That said, I still think the first song with Ingrid fits bets because although Corey is a cut up, she is still a romantic at heart. :)"

  2. Leah, your photos and video are incredible. I love the way you had them tour around both favorite and famous NYC locations and just enjoy being together - they said it was the best date ever! You really captured both their individual personalities and their delight in one another. Now I can't wait to see the wedding photos! See you soon!
    Almost forgot - the Ingrid Michaelson song, definitely - they are both incurable romantics!
    Marylyn Roberts