Tracey + Kyle at Winnekenni Castle

On their first date, Tracey met Kyle at Winnekenni Castle. As they walked around the beautiful grounds with their dogs, they talked and laughed and got to know each other.

Time flew by and the sun started to set. Casper, the fluffy white ball of a dog in the photo above, is almost 13 and so his little legs started to get tired. But Tracey and Kyle weren't ready to end the date yet. So Kyle picked Casper up and carried him.

Any man who carries an elderly dog is a keeper in my book :-)

As it got darker and darker, and Casper no doubt got heavier and heavier, Kyle asked Tracey if she'd like to see him again. And Tracey said yes.

And since then, they just knew...

I had so much fun photographing Tracey and Kyle at Winnekenni and then in downtown Haverhill. Tracey has THE BEST LAUGH you have ever heard in your life. It's one of those really heartfelt belly laughs that is just contagious and when I got home my face was sore from laughing.

On September 18th, Kyle will formally ask Tracey to be his wife at Zorvino vineyards and I think I have it on good authority that Tracey will say yes.

Tracey surprised me with a little gift as we finished, a beautiful bag of Gibralters wrapped in purple and green ribbons. The first commercially available candy ever sold in the US, these handmade peppermint and lemon candies are made in Salem, MA by Tracey's family. And rather tasty they are too!

I CANNOT wait for the wedding!!! I'm going to maybe take some Tylenol before to try to prevent the face ache I know I'm going to have from the huge smile that will be on my face all day...

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