Georgette + Brett :: Married (Part I)

So I've been hard at work processing all the beautiful images from Brett & Georgette's wedding at The Beachmoor Inn in Buzzards Bay, MA and although I'm not quite finished I can't help but share just a few for your viewing pleasure. Check back in tomorrow for the full story - it'll be worth it...

Georgette is getting ready with her bridesmaids and parents, time for a quiet moment of contemplation:

Meanwhile, Brett is getting some help fastening those pesky cufflinks and humoring me when I tell him "smile for your GQ style headshot". Hello handsome groom:

Georgette is simply radiant. If you head over to google and type in "stunning bride" I suspect this image may pop up in the search results

Yay for romance! Brett sends over a gift of pearls and a thoughtful card telling Georgette how much he is looking forward to her being his wife.

Check back in tomorrow for part II with the ceremony, the toasts (including a special appearance from Dr. Gregory House from the popular Fox TV show), the dancing and much more.

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  1. What a gorgeous couple and your images are stunning as always Leah! Your couples always look elegant and happy and relaxed in front of your camera. You truly have a wonderful gift!