Tiger Woods saved from near death by pot roast netting...

We have two female mini dachshunds, Coco Chanel and Tiger Woods. Coco's main objective in life is to simply be in close proximity to me at all times. The Tiger's goal is to get into the trash; she achieved this tonight.

We were alerted by a little cough and realised she'd somehow balanced precariously on her tip toes (do dogs have tip toes? maybe tip pads?) and managed to reach and swallow the netting that was around the stuffed pork roast I had just taken out of the oven.

The pork roast was almost the same size as her little body and so that was a BIG ball of string to swallow. Like me eating a fishing net perhaps. Not so appealing.

The roast was abandoned as we jumped in the car and raced to the 24 hour vet hospital in Brentwood, NH. They were AMAZING; waiting for us on arrival, calm, incredibly kind and a little while later they'd managed to get El Tigre to vomit (sorry - TMI right?) up the string and we were on our way home. Tiger Woods is alive and well and we're investigating a new mini-dachshund proof trash can.

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  1. So glad to know that Tiger Woods is doing well! What a little imp! My dogs have raided the trash before but never with that much success!