Corey + Isaiah :: Weddding at Maudslay State Park in the Vegetable Patch (Part III)

And we're back, part I here and part II with a video here.

I've posted before about my view that your wedding is simply your wedding and not a photoshoot. Having said that, when you're planning your day if you can find a little time for the two of you to sneak away (preferably in the hour or two before sunset when they light is all magical and soft) then not only do you get to have a little alone time together, it's also a great time to get some real and romantic pictures with that "yay, we just got married" feel.

So I was super happy when Corey and Isaiah hopped in my car after their wedding reception finished and before the after-party started back at Corey's parents house, we had about a hour in Newburyport. At one point I remember saying "hey guys, just tell me when you're done with this and we'll head back" and Corey exclaiming "Leah! This is our WEDDING day! We want all the pictures we can get to remember it better". I have the BEST clients :-)

Here's a quick picture before we left Maudslay. Corey and Isaiah fit together so well and during the engagement shoot in NYC I was super impressed when Isaiah dipped Corey. Isaiah is a master of the strong manly dips, plus it helps that Corey is like a little tiny doll. In fact, when things are a little quieter in December I think I'll post a step-by-step guide to dipping your bride featuring images of these two. We've got a little old Hollywood feel going on in this image:

What's that? You insist? Well, OK then, maybe just one more dip:

When we were in NYC, I had this idea in my head of Corey and Isaiah leaning on a yellow taxi cab and kissing. So when we saw this limo down on the harbor they knew what to do. Apologies if this was your limo:

And then they spotted the police car. More apologies, this time to the fantastic police force of Newburyport:

It started to get a little chilly so we stopped for hot chocolate at the diner where they'd eaten breakfast most days before the wedding whilst planning the last minute details:

It's now almost completely dark but these two can stop traffic:

Corey & Isaiah - you were a dream couple to work with. I feel like you both let me into your hearts, I loved every minute of working with you both and getting to know your friends and family and I wish you both every happiness together in the future.

Keep dancing, holding on to each other and never stop trying to catch the bubbles...

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  1. I am at a dipped angle in 4 out of 6 of this pictures! Isaiah has totally become addicted to dipping. I love it.