Engagement pictures in Lowell :: Megan & Mat

I interrupt this schedule of wedding blogging to bring you an engagement shoot.

14% of people meet at school but statistics can be somewhat little boring so here's a nice story to back them up.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Megan. Whilst at U Mass Lowell she met a guy called Mat. They got to talking and then to hanging out. Just a few years later they were on vacation with Megan's family. One day Mat was acting a bit nervously. As they walked along the beach after dinner he dropped to one knee and asked Megan to be his wife. Megan said yes. So we took engagement pictures in Lowell, MA. When Mat looks at Megan he smiles with his eyes. When Megan looks at Mat her eyes sparkle. Megan and Mat will get married in July next year and then they'll live happily ever after.

Aren't you glad I'm a photographer and not a writer?

Note: Megan & Mat like Country music. Remember that I grew up in the UK where Country music doesn't really exist. So I've picked a song I like from Juno (the whole high-school sweethearts (even if they met at university) thing seemed to work (minus the age 15 and pregnant part). Mat & Megan I'll totally remix this if you hate the song :-)

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