Guess what this is?

Now that wedding season is over, I was planning a camera-free Saturday, I've been running errands, processing pictures, catching up on laundry and making dinner for my much neglected husband.

As I'm cooking, I notice the weird beauty of one of my ingredients and I can't help myself. Broke out the D700 with 105mm f2.8 lens and shot this at ISO 1600 f3.5 1/125. Thanks to the wonders of Google Analytics I know that there are about 6oo readers of this blog each week - so to those 600 people I challenge you to:
a) Guess what this is
b) Guess what I'm making for dinner

Winner gets an 8x10 print (assuming I've photographed you in the past) or a $15 Starbucks gift certificate. Click on "view comments for this post" below and write your guess in the box


  1. It's nutmeg! Are you making an alfredo or bechamel sauce for pasta?

  2. I think its a fig! Not sure what you are making though... Hope you are having a nice weekend! -Neeta :)

  3. I'll go with eggplant too. Were you making Eggplant Parmigiana?