Merry Christmas from the Superlambanana dachshund version

My hometown is Liverpool - the 2008/9 European City of Culture - and the location of the Superlambanana (giant sculpture from cool Japanese artist combining a lamb and a banana), Seriously, click on the link - it's just like it sounds.

My dogs are miniature dachshunds - Coco Chanel & Tiger Woods. Much as I love them, I'm not one of those doggy people that have all sorts of dachshund knickknacks in our home.

But I'm totally making an exception for the Superlambananadachshund which may be the best Christmas present I didn't know even existed so couldn't even wish for. Thank you to Julia from our non-family for finding it.

So wishing you a very merry Christmas and hoping you got all the gifts you didn't wish for because you didn't know they even existed...

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