Tiger Woods commits another trangression...

Many of you know that we have two miniature weiner dogs; we named one each. So that's why we have Coco Chanel and Tiger Woods (she's a girl) - can you guess which one I named and which one Paul named?

Our Christmas tree has been sitting bare and forlorn in the corner for a week now but yesterday we finally got around to decorating it and had a celebratory glass of Bailey's whilst doing so. Tiger Woods broke four rules when she broke through the baby gates to get into the living room (1), jumped up on the sofa (2) and decided to try to lick up last bit of Baileys (3 - she's not 21 yet) out of my glass (4):

I should have punished her of course but instead I grabbed my camera. Cesar Milan would be most disappointed. There is no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner.


  1. Love both the banana dachshund mini-sculpture and Tiger Woods' taste in drinks - I had the same drink while enjoying the glow of our tree this evening. It really is a good combination - the tree and I are glowing at the same time.

  2. I just began a blog and was trying to figure out how it worked and ran into yours. What beautiful photography. I loved it. Must be a wonderful job taking photos of people at such a happy time in their lives. Best wishes for the new year. Thank you for sharing. Penny Newman