Wedding at Willowdale Estate :: Linda + Tom (Part I)

My last but most certainly not least wedding of 2009 was the phenomenal wedding of Linda and Tom at the beee-u-ti-ful Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA. As usual, I can't seem to limit myself to showing you just a few pictures of their wedding so I think I'll do another multi-post.

Without further ado, let's begin with some stunning details and behind the scenes - oh, and if you'd like to know more about Linda and Tom and how they met, click HERE to see their engagement photos at the Boston Public Library:

Linda & Tom stayed at the Inn at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, it's just spectacular and very romantic:

Linda was totally calm when she arrived back from a little sandwich run; nothing better than a relaxed sandwich on your wedding day; I believe I had a grilled cheese and tomato before my wedding. You don't want a rumbly tummy when you're saying your vows. And can I just say how much I LOVED Linda's white feathered headpiece, it set off her gown to perfection:

The suite at Crane was just perfect, all duck egg blue and white with a soft day bed for curling up on and a window seat to enjoy the view. Here's Linda's wedding ring on the window seat:

We made our way over to Willowdale so the girls could get dressed. The guys were in another wing of the building (doesn't that sound fabulous? I might try that out tonight "Sorry Darling, I didn't hear the phone, I was in the other wing...).

Here is Tom's wedding ring sitting on his neatly typed vows - more on those later (it may be prudent to have a tissue at hand). Photo by the ever-brilliant Derek Morin of Morin Photography who was second shooting for me:

And here is Tom, he was carefully reading the instructions on how to fold his handkerchief. He finally started to laugh and gave up. Between you and me, I think he was just really excited to head downstairs and see Linda for the first time:

The rooms at Willowdale are amazing - old and wood paneled with a bathroom large enough to live in and a bath big enough to swim in. As this mostly a wedding blog rather than a bathroom fixtures blog I'll show you Linda's shoes instead of the tub:

I love that moment that happens as the dress is fastened, the veil goes on, the bride is holding oh-so-still, just perfect:

A program for the ceremony on a seat reserved for a parent:

I'll close this post with some shots of the wish tree draped in crystals and wishes for the newly married couple that greeted guests on arrival at Willowdale:

More to follow today/tomorrow - the first look, the ceremony, the toasts and the fabulous reception....

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