Engagement Pictures in Boston Public Library :: Erin & Jeffrey

A wink usually implies an interest from the sender to the receiver, but can also be used to show some sort of approval, acknowledgement, friendship or........perhaps in some cases flirting.

So when Jeffrey winked at Erin, Erin winked back. The winking led to emailing and then to the first date. Jeffrey pulled out all the stops and took Erin to a bar owned by friend and they had an all-round great time.

I asked them what their first impressions were after that date:
Jeffrey: I really liked Erin but thought she was too smart for me
Erin: I thought maybe this would be the last time I'd be on a first date as I knew Jeffrey was pretty special
See! Erin IS smart, she knew right away!

We met to take engagement pictures at Boston Public Library - a great option for indoor engagement photographs in Boston during these chilly winter months!

You have to love the Boston Public Library - amazing ceilings and lighting. Before a shoot, I send a handy little document with suggestions about what to wear/make up etc - it's not a set of rules in any way - just some tips about what might photograph better. So when Erin arrived wearing an amazing white and yellow dress with a little black shrug and Jeffrey had the same yellow color for his tie I was super happy:

I spent some time in Nice, France last Summer and photographed the walls and doors in the old town with the specific intention of using them for textures on certain pictures. And here's one I wanted to try:

There's a little direction on engagement shoots and I had Jeffrey pick up Erin and swing her around. I could show you that picture but I like this one just a moment later when Erin decided to return the favor:

Erin & Jeffrey had visited the library previously and and found this rather interesting staircase with an amazing marble wall so we hung out there for while:

When I first met with Erin & Jeffrey to talk about photographing their wedding I loved hearing about how seriously they're taking the ceremony and the commitment to one another yet how they're planning on putting their own stamp on the day. I don't want to spoil the surprise but I am SO excited for 10.10.10:

Can't be in a library without pictures with of books right?

And maybe some kissing?

Erin & Jeffrey - thanks for being SO much fun - looking forward to our next shoot and of course your wedding! Click on the little white "play" triangle to see the movie below

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