A weekend of shoes...

I've always been big fan of the "no shoes in the house" concept; it makes me feel like I'm home plus it means a little less vacuuming :) We have a shoe rack but inevitably they end up discarded on the rug near the front door. A couple of weeks ago I looked at the somewhat eclectic pile of shoes I'd worn over a weekend and thought it might make for an interesting picture:

Clockwise from top left: My favorite Emerald City/Wizard of Oz shoes worn for dinner out with friends on a Friday night, it snowed the next morning so I broke in my new Joules wellies to shovel the steps while Paul snow-blowed. Little green suede slippers for toasty feet while editing and processing pictures and then sensible boat shoes for Sunday grocery shopping.


  1. What a cute selection... mine are not nearly as exotic... mostly winter boots! I love the Emerald WoO pumps!!!

  2. Adorable shoes! We've always taken off our shoes at the front door. I think it's a Chinese custom that my family grew up with. It baffled me in elementary school when I would play with my other friends, and no one took their shoes off. =P


  3. We are a no shoes in the house family also, Korean and Indian backgrounds. I'm feel the same way as Nicole, grew up like that was surprised to learn some americans don't take their shoes off!

    Love the picture of the polka dotted boots on the sidewalk!

    *LOVE* the green pumps, those are quite spectacular!!! I wish I could wear heels that high! I have a weakness for stilettos, I buy them, but can only wear them for about 1 hr before I can't walk anymore... :)