Have you read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett? It's my new favorite book.

I feel like I've been a bad blogger :( I had a nice twice-weekly update thing going on and then I just fell off the blogging train. Never mind, I'm back with some fun posts planned on wedding albums and one for the guys on how to masterfully dip your bride.

Anyhoo, perhaps I'll update with some ramblings and pictures from our recent trip to the UK, we landed back in the US last night. Here's a nice little English countryside picture for you:

We flew back as my mother-in-law was having surgery to remove her gallbladder which happily went very well and Dorothy was "a model patient". Other highlights of our trip included:
- a quick train ride up to Liverpool to spend the afternoon with my amazing Grandmother
- the eating of lots of bacon sandwiches and potato chips (in fact, I think the whole concept of US vs. UK chips might deserve it's own blog post)
- meeting my future sister-in-law (Paul's brother is getting married next October in Mauritius very exciting)
- buying the most amazing pair of Kurt Geiger shoes in duty-free at London Heathrow Airport
- and seeing Jack again (see picture below). Paul brought Jack home from a shelter at least 15 years ago; he'd been beaten and treated cruelly but recovered to be the nicest dog I have ever met (sorry Coco & Tiger) and also the first dog I wasn't afraid of as he's such a softy. He's now an old old man and is mostly blind and deaf but he still enjoys a sausage on Sunday and roast beef on Sunday.

I bought Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett in the bookstore at Logan airport on the fervent recommendation of a friend and although I was rather skeptical about a book based on 12th century England and cathedral building (I know - sounds thrilling right?) I couldn't put it down. So due to my new found love of all things cathedral, on Monday, we squeezed in a little trip to Wells cathedral which is close to where my parents-in-law live. The self-timer feature of my lovely Nikon D700 was put to rare use to snap this picture of me and Paul:

Paul took this one of me sitting on the famous worn steps, I just noticed that I appear to have broken my ankle, but I think it's just my usual awkward sitting:

Here's an interesting door in the cathedral. I had to make a small donation in order to get a yellow sticker that declared I was OK to bring my camera into the cathedral as long as I promised not to use flash - I wish more places would do something like this:

Here's the area where the choir sit with little lamps to illuminate their music.

Wells is also home to the oldest residential street with its original building all surviving intact in the whole of Europe, building started in 1348:

Normal blogging service will resume shortly with lots of lovely engagement and wedding pictures but thank you for stopping by to put up with the history lesson!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Amazing photography! Thanks for sharing.