How to get a great "the kiss" picture at your wedding :: also known as my theory of goldfish kissing

Ask anyone to list out the key events at a wedding ceremony and they'll likely say:
- Bride walking down the aisle
- The vows
- The exchange of rings
- And last but not least that moment where the couple are pronounced man and wife and they kiss

I shoot an engagement session with every couple whose wedding I'm photographing - it's a totally relaxed and fun session, kind of like you're on a date with your own little paparazzo trailing you:
- I get to know each couple better and it totally shows in the photographs
- You get to know my way of working
- We end up with some amazing pictures
- And last but not least I can explain my "theory of goldfish kissing"

And now I'll share that theory here. Let's say we could watch a slow motion kiss between a couple in love - eyes slowly close, breathing speeds up, heads tilt a little to accommodate noses, faces stay relaxed and lips might part just a tiny bit...

Let's watch that same kiss but now there's a camera pointed at the couple - one or both might keep their eyes open, the movement together gets a little more jerky and then for some inexplicable reason they will both inevitably make goldfish type faces (you know - pursed up lips sticking out) and sometimes it'll even be accompanied by a "mwah" sound.

Why is that? Seriously? Who wants to look like a goldfish at their wedding?! So at the engagement shoot there's a lot of laughing when I explain this theory and then the best part is the practicing!

As every post is better with a picture, here are some epic non-goldfish kisses I've photographed:

So if you're getting married in the next year, why not plan on some non-goldfish kissing homework. And if you have a spare 90 seconds, here is "best kiss" from last year's MTV movie awards for inspiration. Ok - maybe you don't want to take quite this long but it's kind of cute and they're definitely not looking like goldfish :)

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