Sausage dogs aren't designed for snow

Regular blog readers will be familiar with our two miniature dachshunds - Coco Chanel and Tiger Woods. Incidentally I recently had the funniest email from one of my 2009 grooms inquiring if I would now be changing Tiger's name in light of the recent indiscretions of the real Tiger Woods but I think that might be confusing for my Tiger Woods...

Tiger Wood's strategy in snow is to leap above the snow like a little reindeer (do reindeer leap?) to try to get back into the house as quickly as possible. She absolutely hates the cold and as soon as I open the door to take her outside she'll roll onto her back and start pathetically (fake) shivering in an attempt to make me feel bad.

Coco Chanel quite likes the snow. Despite being just 13lb and maybe 10 inches high, in her head she is a mean, lean hunting machine and she likes to sniff out trails in the snow in case she comes across a critter she can attack and bring down. Her snow strategy is to keep her head up on high alert and plow through at top speed.

My last couple of blog posts have been of a confessional nature (explaining about my lack of lobster know-how and lack of wedding album) and so I should confess that to get these pictures I had Paul carry the dogs to the far end of the garden and then release them knowing they'd make a beeline to get back inside. Poor Coco & Tiger - subjected to more snow just for me to take pictures :)


  1. Awww... so freaking cute!!!

  2. Love, love, love these pictures and your descriptions! Such photogenic pups!

  3. Thank you ladies! The sausages put up with a lot, I'll often try out new lighting set-ups on them and they sit somewhat patiently as I blind them with whatever new flash or video light I've just bought!

  4. The action ears are wonderful!