Questions, questions, questions....and holiday snaps (feel free to skip)

Let me answer your question first - "I thought you were a wedding photographer? I'm not here to look at your vacation pictures?!?" - see here's the deal, January-May is kind of my Summer. Wedding season hasn't really started and it's a great time for a vacation.

And if your smart and talented husband has a place on his company incentive trip to the Four Seasons in Costa Rica? Well, it's the perfect time for a vacation! Wedding photographs will resume shortly....

Anyhoo, we landed in Logan late last night and since we arrived home I've had a great many questions of my own...for starters, how come the sand in Costa Rica feels so divine on your feet? The cold stone of our kitchen floor is somehow not quite so inviting.

And when I look outside my window in NH, where are the cute little howler monkeys?

And this morning, where was the catamaran to take us to a private beach? The chilled face cloths? The ice cream? The sushi? The cocktails? And on a vain personal note - was I channeling "There's something about Mary" in this picture?

And looking out into the NH night sky and listening carefully, why can I only see the cloudy night sky and hear the MBTA commuter rail in the distance? Did someone forget to set up the fireworks show?

And why are the only wild animals in the house our two miniature weiner dogs? Where are the body-painted artists and the snake guy? Why was this the first opportunity I've had to wear the Louboutin's since our wedding?

And if me and Mr H feel like dressing alike a la Posh & Becks or Ashton & Demi, will there be a "white night" we can attend with white decor, white flowers, white banquet seating and white drapes? How about a pastry chef mixing liquid nitrogen with marshmallows and ice cream to create mindblowing popsicles that belong in ElBulli or Alinea?

And if I feel the urge to explore the open air delights of Plaistow or neighboring towns of say Haverhill or Merrimack is there a shortcut I can take via zipline? And seriously, how come I'm the one speeding through the rainforest canopy on a wire but Paul is the one with the injury? Boo to those pesky divots on the golf course that cause you to sprain your ankle.

And this isn't exactly a question...but One Guajito, Two Guajito, Three Guajito Floor?
I somehow stumbled across this rather delicious cocktail (or did I stumble after the cocktail?) and one of the bartenders was kind enough to share the recipe.

Officially you need Guaro which is a sugar cane liquor (also known as aguardiente de cana) but white rum can be used in a pinch.
2 measures of Guaro/Aguardiente/White Rum
1 measure Midori
1 measure fresh lime juice (key lime is kind of nice here)
1 measure simple syrup
Handful of mint leaves and handful of crushed ice
Throw it all in the blender, whizz down and serve in a glass with a slice of lime. Mmmm
And here's the question - does the handful of mint count as a vegetable serving?

And if I decide to go to the beach tonight (Salisbury anyone?), will the water be balmy and warm? Will the sand feel soft between my toes? Will the sky be alight with fiery oranges and reds at sunset?

Is there an interesting tour schedule tomorrow that will be announced on the daily newsletter? Who will be telling me all about the native trees of the area? And the plans for Costa Rica to be a carbon-neutral country by 2013? And what's a tour without a stop at the clubhouse for an Imperial Beer for Mr H and another Guajito for me?

Why is this little guy so mad? Maybe he wants a Guajito? Someone get the monkey a drink...

And where are all our friends? How could they go back to Australia, Germany and New Orleans and leave us?

And I've just peeped inside our bedroom and I don't understand - THERE IS NO GIFT ON MY PILLOW!!! And how come I have a sneaky suspicion that when I wake up tomorrow there will be no room service set up on a screened-in deck?! WHERE is the fresh papaya juice with lime? And my two perfectly poached eggs with toast? WHERE IS MY CREPE WITH NUTELLA???!?!? IT'S JUST NOT FAIR

Sorry about that. I assume that most people find themselves to be relaxed on arriving home after vacation. I am too, really. Honestly. I've had a great day. I've been to Target to pick up laundry detergent and Shaws for groceries. It's almost as good. Just keepin' it real.

In question conclusion, perhaps you're looking for an amazing honeymoon vacation? Did you check out the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo? Maybe you'd like to do a destination wedding and you're looking for a photographer who is familiar with the property? I'll waive my usual fees for a couple of Guajitos...

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