The Easter bunny? Passé! The Easter Wiener is where it's at in 2010

Happy Easter!

I often wonder why our dogs continue to love us when we subject them to such indignities. Let me introduce you to the Easter Wieners:

Umm, so I actually think the out-takes were more humorous that the above picture; here they are.

"Coco! Tiger! Look this way! Now! Good dogs!"

Tiger says "You plan on what? You want me to look like an Easter bunny? What's wrong with you?"

Coco says "This is BS, why do I have a ridiculous set of white fluffy ears on my head. I'm a proud dog. What have you done to me?"

Paul attempts to wrangle them into position. Tiger decides submission is the best approach but as she lays down her bunny ears flip up:

Only a few more weeks to go before the deluge of lovely engagement and wedding pictures...hang in there!


  1. You found ears for the Easter Wieners!!! Oh Emm Gee -- they are too cute!!! Have a wonderful Easter Leah,

  2. Your babies are adorable. I loved the out-takes and the "typical doxie" characteristics of yawning and rolling over when they aren't ready to do our bidding! I can't love my little Rubies enough! Thanks for sharing your babies!