Awesome proposal to make you giggle on a Friday

I want to preface this post by saying that I am DYING to shoot a proposal. I want to hide out behind a tree somewhere like a photography ninja! So if you or anyone you know is getting married please let me know - first person to inquire will get a free proposal shoot if it works with my schedule!

And speaking of proposals, a jewelery company launched an "Ultimate Proposal Contest" recently, click **HERE** to read about the contest and the winners just announced today but this entry caught my eye. Here's the story in Corey Goldfeder's own words:

On June 21, 2009, I took my girlfriend Chani to a showing of “Back to the Future,” which was being presented as part of a Michael J. Fox retrospective at a film festival in a historic local theater. In reality, the film festival didn’t exist and I had rented out the theater. The management was in on my plan, and helped me with fake tickets and putting the movie on the marquee outside. About 20 friends and neighbors that Chani didn’t know came to sit in the theater so that it wouldn’t look suspiciously empty.

At the appointed time, we entered the theater and sat down. After some previews for upcoming films, “Back to the Future” began to play. About 20 minutes in, however, the movie… diverged… from the original script, becoming instead a marriage proposal. This video begins at the scene just before that point, so you don’t have to sit through the whole thing to watch the interesting part.

During the long pause (when I am standing awkwardly on screen) I got down on one knee with a ring and proposed. She said yes! At that very moment, both of our families entered from another room (they knew the exact second to come in based on when the movie had started).

And here's the movie - hang on in there (or fast forward) to around 1 minute 20 seconds:

Feel free to share your awesome proposal stories in the comments. Paul proposed in the truck on the way to Logan airport but I'll save that for another post :)

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