Engagement Photographs in Jamaica Plain and Pond :: Kate + Chris

It was Friday the 13th - lucky for some - on a cold night in March last year when Kate and Chris first saw each other. The location? Lucky's in Boston, MA. Chris was wearing a rather dashing gray coat ("Oh, the way it cut across his neck!" says Kate) and the British accent helped when he started to chat to Kate. For some reason I seem to be immune to the charms of a British accent :)

Chris remembers that Kate was wearing something "dark" but that she looked generally fabulous. They stuck up a conversation about books and the movie "Watchmen", which turned into a conversation about hockey which led to some more drinks at The Living Room which progressed to a second date which culminated in a third date where Chris met Kate's roommate Tati who gave her approval.

I think I'll let you see some pictures now as I continue with the story, I wonder if they looked at each other like this on that cold night in Lucky's?

Nine months later (no they didn't have a baby, it's not that kind of story), on Friday the 13th - lucky for some - Kate & Chris flew to the UK where Chris is originally from. They landed in Heathrow and made their way to their hotel in County Hall, all the better to see Big Ben which was #1 on Kate's list of things to see.

It was Kate's first visit to London and she was a little worried that Chris wouldn't want to do all the tourist things with her. As they walked across London Bridge Chris seemed kind of edgy and rushed and Kate was concerned that he was already bored of sightseeing. Little did she know that the engagement ring he was carrying was burning a hole in his pocket. Kate was so consumed with taking in the sights and getting photographs of everything that it took her a while to notice that Chris had dropped to one knee and was waiting for her to turn around so he could ask her to be his wife.

Kate said yes.

I think Kate is looking rather fabulous in the next shot:

We met up earlier this week for engagement pictures in Jamaica Plain where Kate & Chris live. I had a lot of fun hanging out with them as we hared around the area trying to get in a couple of different locations.

Very cute:

And as they kissed it was like God smiling down on them with a little rainbow, or maybe I took off my lens hood for a little sun flare magic:

Lots of these pictures were taken at the Arnold Arboretum which is just lovely:

Then we pootled over to Jamaica Pond which Kate explained was part of Boston's "Emerald Necklace" of parks.

Check out Chris's Christian Louboutin-style sneakers with the red soles ;)

Chris was originally living in an apartment in the North End, Kate wanted to convince him that Jamaica Plain was a better place to live so she used to bring him to Jamaica Pond - I think this might have been her secret move:

Kate & Chris met in "Lucky's" on Friday the 13th and flew to the UK on Friday the 13th to get engaged and they'll have their rehearsal dinner back in Lucky's - I sense a certain theme here. So to all the Triskaidekaphobics out there, you may want to reconsider your fear...

The End. Happy Memorial Day weekend! Remember that comments are always gratefully received (click on "view comments for this post" and and choose name/url - you can leave the url blank).


  1. The photo's are beautiful! We had the whole family (including Gran) awing over them, Chris and Kate look so happy :)
    Especially love the first one and the four black and white shots, really nice. Kate looks gorgeous in all of them!

    Hannah Wann and the family

  2. Thank you Hannah! Looking forward to meeting some of the Wann contingent at the wedding! Hello to Gran :)

  3. I love the red belt with the spotted dress

  4. We think you caught "the real Kate and Chris" and look forward to all the beautiful pictures you will take at the rehearsal and the wedding. Looking forward to meeting you! Mary Ellen Morell

  5. I loved the photos. They capture the essence of an engagement and all the promise it holds. Kate and Chris look so very happy. Great job to all.

  6. Great photos, and such a happy couple and so much to look foreward too.
    Marie Condon

  7. Gorgeous! I look forward to meeting them and hope it's a right fit for us both! Great shots & love the story! :)

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