Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Kristin + Zach

I met up with Kristin & Zach and their beautiful little mini-me daughter Autumn in Newburyport for engagement pictures.

And before I introduce you to Autumn, perhaps you'd like to know how her parents met one another. According to Zach:
She said "hey"
I said "y'hello"
Zach is a joker but pretty funny with it.

Kristin explained that she had a really good friend called Eric and one night about seven years ago she went out with him and he introduced her to his friend Zach. Kristin was home on Winter Break so they talked a little but once back at school she found herself thinking of Zach. Zach interjected at this point and mentioned that he may have thought about Kristin too.

So the next time Kristin was home, Zach invited her out to see a movie, Bruce Almighty. He was having some transportation issues so their mutual good friend Eric kindly drove them to the movie theatre and picked them up. Kristin laughed and said "it was like being teenagers again!" They've been together ever since, Zach explained that they spend so much time together that their seven years is actually more like fourteen.

Oh and Eric? He'll be the best man at their wedding in less than 5 weeks! How cute are these two:

Autumn discovers a caterpillar:

Quiet moment with her Daddy:

Zach was a little skeptical about the whole picture taking thing but I think he secretly had fun:

Kristin is going to make a stunning bride:


And Zach will no doubt look like a groom from the pages of GQ

The sun was nice and low in the blue sky for the next two pictures:

And Zach got into the whole kissing lark:

And Autumn discovered the joys of blowing on the dandelion seeds. Well, actually shaking, because each time she blew she'd accidentally end up taking a bite:

Zach's aunt Joanne came with us and played with Autumn on the playground...

....whilst I shot these pictures of Kristin & Zach:

Outside the purple onion:

I suggested we stop for icecream - I know all the tricks to get the little ones to like me - and Autumn was beside herself with glee at the thought of some strawberry gelato. Unfortunately the glass got in her way:

I knew the strawberry ice cream was the key to her heart, I even got a hug when I said goodbye:

Loving the proud and amused looks of Kristin & Zach:

After we finished shooting, we stopped at Not Your Average Joes for a drink and I shot this little triptych. We were chatting about the wedding and when I asked about honeymoon plans Zach joked "every day is a honeymoon with Kristin". We all laughed but then he quietly said "seriously, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me"

I'll leave you with this last family picture on the Newburyport boardwalk on the harbor:

Kristin, Zach & Autumn - I had so much fun taking pictures of the three of you! And huge thanks to Auntie Joanne for purse holding/Autumn distracting skills! Looking forward to your wedding at the Essex Room on June 19th!


  1. I like your photos
    they're full of life and love

  2. Gosh, these photos are just beautiful. I love the colors you have and the interaction you capture. They look like a very happy family. Congratulations!

  3. Leah!
    When did you get these shots? LOL...Wonderful!!!

  4. Hi Leah!! OH MY GOSH! I have to tell you, these photos make my heart ache, in a good way! They are SO sweet! What a beautiful family. The photos of little Autumn are precious and I know they will cherish them. This is why we love you so much. I hope someday you will shoot photos of our kids!!!! You totally made my Monday morning. :)

  5. Thank you everyone for your very kind comments! Kristin, Zach & Autumn are such a lovely family and I couldn't be happier to be photographing their wedding so having chance to do this little shoot before was even better as I got to hang out with them again.
    Joanne - I got these pictures when you had your eyes closed :)
    Neeta - I would love to shoot any mini-me Neeta or Rich's! I'm up to 4 pregnancies and counting for my 2009 brides....

  6. Saw your post for second shooter on the b school. Too bad I'm in Southern California! These are really beautiful pictures. That little girl is tooo adorable!!

  7. Beautiful images and family Leah! Wow, I so wish I lived near you to shoot with you more!!! Adorable little girl, you captured her beautifully!