Boston Engagement Photographer :: Boston Common + Waterfront :: Stephanie + Tim

The beep-beep-beep of the alarm clock is painful at 6am on a Saturday morning. You get out of bed, shower and dress to drive into Boston. You're still kind of sleepy so you stop for a bucket of diet coke. Breakfast of champions.

And it's totally worth it when you get to take engagement pictures on Boston Common while the light is still low in the sky, the temperature is still below 90 degrees and almost everyone else is still tucked up in their beds.

Of course it's easy to take great pictures when your subjects look like Stephanie and Tim:

Stephanie and Tim met at work and gradually formed a friendship. They'd hang out, play volleyball together and then there was this one time they went out for dinner together...

Each year they'd go to New York City at Christmas. Last Christmas, the weather was terrible - rainy and cold - and the huge Christmas tree was deserted by the usual crowds. The puddles were too deep for him to kneel but Tim still asked Stephanie to be his wife. Stephanie said yes.

There are so many locations in Boston for engagement pictures. You can be amongst trees and flowers one minute and then right in the middle of the city with just a short walk:

The best kind of kiss is a squished-nose kiss :)

With an outfit this awesome, I wanted to take a couple of pictures of Stephanie looking fabulous:

And then I got these two pictures. No direction, they're just looking at each other and cracking up:

Interesting architecture in the city:

Then we stopped in at Quincy Market. Who knew it was such an issue to try and buy ice-cream before 10am at Quincy Market...

Here's a last shot down by the Waterfront & the Boston Harbor Hotel. The sky was amazing all day - a little overcast with lots of rolling crowds:

Stephanie & Tim - thank you for getting up at 5am to be camera ready and for being so fun. Really looking forward to being your Wedding Photographer in September at Hillview Country Club in North Reading - especially the riding on the trolleys part!


  1. OK so maybe I am a little biased because Stephanie is my cousin and Leah is a friend of mine but the pictures are beautiful and if they look that cute at 6:00AM I can't wait to see them at the wedding!!!

  2. You guys look awesome!!!!July 6, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    Love the pictures!!! Can't wait for the wedding!!!!