Newburyport, MA Anniversary Pictures :: Kate + Josh

I've started typing this blog post out a couple of times now and I'm getting frustrated with my words. I guess that's why I'm a photographer and not a writer :)

I've been trying to explain how hilarious Kate is and how much fun I had shooting her and Josh on their 4th wedding anniversary but I can't get the words right, so I'll just give you a little background and then let the pictures speak for themselves.

Taking pictures of friends can be hard
Taking pictures of friends when you only have 17 minutes before you have to be somewhere and they have to leave is harder
Taking pictures of friends in 17 minutes when one of them is a super amazing photographer in her own right is harder still

Oh, before you see the awesomenesscity that is Kate & Josh, I must just mention how I LOVE the color palette going on here - especially with the waterfront setting. I give all of my couples a little document with some suggestions for what to wear on a shoot - Kate didn't get it but she didn't need it as they're rocking out the "clothes that aren't matchy matchy but don't clash" thing perfectly.

And it's probably only to another photographer that I can give direction like "I'm shooting wide open so eyes on the same plane please!"

And then the fun started:

Although actually I'd describe this one as kind of hot:

And more fun:

So technically, I don't think these two pictures really belong together but I really like them. And it's my blog. Check out Legs McElwee! And Josh's green eyes:

I'm thinking Kate was channeling Mary Poppins here. Well, what Mary Poppins might look like if she had a little pixie haircut and an awesome husband:

More on Kate **here**, I second shot for her at an amazing wedding a couple of weeks ago and she'll be returning the favor for one of my lucky couples later this season. And then we're off to a lighting workshop in a few weeks which will definitely start out educational and most likely end with wine and laughing.


  1. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE them ... I am grinning from ear to ear (and back around behind the head) and kinda crying too. I can't believe I don't get to sit and stare at these all day. You are amazing. Thank you thank you thank you. YAY!!!!!!!! Not only did you make us look gorgeous (seriously, wow) but you also totally captured everything fun and silly and ridiculous and clumsy and goofy and I adore it all. xx

  2. Leah you did a fab job with these two hotties! I'm in LOVE with the first shot. Kate, you are STUNNING!

  3. My cousins are just stunningly gorgeous! What a wonderful set of photos! You have a great eye! I wish you and Kate BOTH lived closer - my daughter is turning 1 soon and we would love to have you take her picture....

  4. Kath and John SingletonJuly 30, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    These are just fantastic Leah. We already knew that our daughter and son-in-law are gorgeous, but you have really captured the fun they were obviously having with you that day as well. Great work!

  5. OMG. These shots are AMAZING. What a great series of emotions. It's obvious they really love each other. Well captured!

  6. Great job! Hard to believe I could come out looking so good (and Kate looks pretty hot too)! :) Thank you for squeezing us in, and was great to see you again!

  7. @Kate. Excellent - made you cry. My work is done

    @Corey Ann - thank you!

    @ Kate/Josh's cousin You could always move to Boston....Thanks!

    @Kate's Mum & Dad. You DO have a stunning daughter and son-in-law. I'm very happy to have met Kate so we can hang out and talk about geeky camera stuff!

    @Jackie I looked at your blog, amazing! Now I'm hungry :)

    @Josh You have a hot wife. Fo sure. And you clean up well. I'd like to see Kate get this kind of magic from Mr. Haydock. Now that, I'd pay money for :)

  8. These are so good I want to vomit. In a good way.

  9. Hi Leah! Hope you are having fun in NY! These comments make me laugh!! :) The photos are *awesome*! I'm in love with the first and third ones. Kate and Josh both have beautiful eyes and they just pop out of the photos! So pretty! I can't wait for you to shoot our wedding in, gulp, less than 3 weeks now? Uh-oh, self induced panic attack...

  10. absolutely stunning! you always cease to amaze me with your work! you'd never know you had 17 minutes to shoot them! I definitely LOVE the one of them lying together...definitely HOT! :) I look forward to you taking my pictures!

  11. These photos are beautiful; I believe you captured how gorgeous, loving and fun they are!