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Definition from Wikipedia: A Wingman or Wingwoman is a role that a person may take when a friend needs support with approaching potential partners. A wingman is someone who is on the "inside" and is used to help someone with relationships

Diana had a Wingwoman friend just like that, Danielle. Danielle was happily married and wanted Diana to be the same. It just so happened that Danielle was "on the inside" at dental school with Jeff...

Danielle may have shown Diana a list including photographs of all of her fellow classmates and helpfully pointed out the single guys. She may have also let Diana log in to her facebook page to see a little bit more about Jeff. And finally she may have engineered a double date out to dinner just after Thanksgiving 2008...

Jeff told me that he had a great first impression of Diana, so much so that he introduced her to his parents that night. They've been inseparable pretty much ever since. And next year, they'll get married in Maine and then live happily ever after together.

We met up in Newburyport to take some engagement pictures last weekend. Diana's mother has passed away and so taking pictures in Newburyport where Diana's parents had lived seemed like a nice way to honor her memory.

Newburyport was like a ZOO with Yankee Homecoming so it was a little bit of a challenge to get pictures without the crowds but we managed the next two:

Loved Diana's purple satin shoes. A present from Jeff no less. Ladies, if a man buys you shoes like this, I'd say you have a keeper.

Check out Diana's engagement ring, they went together to pick it out so perhaps you're wondering what Jeff proposed with? OK then, I'll share it with you now. Who doesn't love a good engagement story. Diana & Jeff were at Walden Pond enjoying a picnic that Jeff had picked (a man who not only buys you shoes but can also pack a mean picnic? Definite keeper). Jeff asked Diana to be his wife and presented her with a ring. Diana recognised the ring immediately as it was her late Mother's ring which Jeff had borrowed from her sister until they could go and pick one out this one together:

In an attempt to flee the crowds, we hung out in a little side street with the most beautiful light:

And then we pootled down to the harbor and the band was just starting to warm up for the concert so Jeff and Diana just hung out on the grass:

I LOVE this one. I'd like to tell you that I always bring along my portable wind machine but it was really just a gentle breeze blowing in the air:

Oh and love this last one. That's it from me for a couple of days as I'm haring off to Saratoga Springs for a wedding. Got my hat packed so should be all set

Oh, sorry, you're wondering when Diana and Jeff will be getting married? Can you guess?

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  1. These are gorgeous! Love the photo with all of the leaves in the background. Great colors too