NH Wedding Photographer :: Black and White Wedding :: The Wentworth by the Sea

Much as I endeavor to switch on the creative gene for each and every wedding I shoot, I also have to balance this with the expectations of my wedding clients - keeping the pictures fresh but still getting the expected shots of the kiss, the vows, the processional etc.

When I'm second shooting, that all goes out the window...I have it in my personal objectives to photograph at least one wedding each year as a second shooter and so last weekend I showed up at Melissa & Taylor's wedding at the Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle, NH as the surprise second shooter.

Their actual wedding photographer was Kate McElwee who is my new photography BFF - we bonded over a love of cheese, dogs and high heels after meeting on a photography forum - and have spent many a happy hour in photography stores and bars...and we're both British which led to much speculation from the wedding guests that I was Kate's sister - just with worse hair.

Anyway, I digress, Kate & I recently decided to "trade" a wedding each i.e. second shoot for each other to try out some mad new skillz and so last weekend was my turn. Kate's clients weren't expecting a second shooter so my pictures were really just gravy on top of Kate's divine gourmet dinner of wedding picture loveliness (go **here** to check out Kate's real coverage of the whole wedding). I have wanted to document a whole wedding with black and white photographs for the longest time and so I now present to you some of my favorite black and white gravy pictures:

Well, actually I'll start with a cupcake:

And straight to the ceremony, hello stunning bride:

As the primary photographer, you have to pretty much map out your locations for the ceremony like a well-choreographed routine for example, towards the end of the ceremony you make your way to the back to capture the kiss and then the newlyweds coming down the aisle for the processional. But as a second shooter you can stay to one side to photograph what may have been the most awesome "the kiss" I have ever seen, involving fist-bumps, chest-bumps and other brilliantness:

Happy groom during the first dance:

How cute are these little bird cupcakes, also liking shooting from behind during the cake cutting:

Whilst the guests enjoyed cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries, it was off to a rather spectacular old bridge on the Wentworth property. As Amy, the banquet captain, needed to accompany us and there were only two seats in each golf cart I got to hang off the back of one cart. I shot randomly from the hip as we drove figuring at least one shot would come out:

In love with this bridge:

And the dramatic skies:

I'll end with this reflection in the water:

If you haven't visited Kate's site - what are you waiting for? I'm in the UK for a week of vacation at the moment so this blog post is coming to you from a coffee shop with wifi as my parents have somehow locked up their own wifi. Apologies in advance for my slow responses to email this week. I'll be back on the grid next week with a stunning engagement session inside Fenway Park which you don't want to miss. Toodle pip!


  1. Hi Leah! What are you doing still working on vacation? :)

    Gorgeous photos! What a lucky couple to get you as their surprise second shooter! Your cupcake photo made my mouth water (it is lunchtime... grin!). What a gorgeous couple! Love the bridge photo and the cool sky photo! Rich and I might have to practice our dip kissing! :)

    Random question: did you shoot the photos in black and white or convert them afterwards?

    Hope you are having a great trip!

  2. absolutely stunning! love the 'first kiss' shots!!

  3. Leah, you are such a rockstar! These are freakin' awesome and I adored working with you. Of course, because you're amazing. :) I especially love that last shot ... something I just didn't see myself. Such a beautiful and poignant image on this wonderfully wet day. I can't wait to return the favor later in the season!!

  4. @Neeta Thank you! I actually shot the whole day on black and white fine jpeg as a little experiment. I usually shoot RAW for greater dynamic range and then convert afterwards but I really like the Nikon monochromatic settings.

    @Tracy Thank you! The first kiss was such a blast, lovely couple.

    @Kate. No no no YOU'RE the rockstar. It was too much fun altogether, didn't even feel like work! Looking forward to shooting together again soon.

  5. Leah, having you arrive at a wedding as the "second shooter" has to be one of the best surprise wedding gifts of all time! Your black and white shots are extraordinary! Love the last puddle shot!