Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer :: Lunda + Jonathan

Umm, I guess this is actually the third post of the Lunda & Jonathan series and we're only just at the getting ready fun. This is what happens when you make a full weekend of it.

My co-shooter for the weekend was the lovely, the fabulous, the talented Susan Ashe of Ashe Photography. Should you be looking for a superstar photographer in Michigan, don't delay - call Susan! I would have been lost without her :)

Anyway, after a quick trip to Saratoga National to set up our lights for the wedding reception, we headed over to Make Me Fabulous just 7 miles from Saratoga Springs in the little town of Ballston Spa. Alayne, Kyle, Kara and Angela were simply hair and make up geniuses or should that be genii? The ladies of the wedding party were hanging out, sipping mimosas, getting all sorts of delicious updos and flawless make up.

The best kind of friends are the ones that are so happy for you they just start crying:

Lunda writing a note in a card to her husband in t minus 4 hours:

Here's the card and the wedding rings (Helpful note to brides: if you have the wedding rings with you whilst you're getting ready I can take pictures of them then rather than having to ask you to remove them after you're married - which just feels wrong!)

One more helpful note, make sure you eat something before the ceremony, here's Lunda with a little sandwich:

General hilarity and random dancing:

It was then time to head over to the Museum of Dance where the ceremony would take place. The girls were all on one side of the building getting dressed and the boys on the other.

Kathy is the mother of the groom and was also responsible for all of the flowers - the bouquets, ceremony flowers and the centerpieces which you'll see later in the week.

Hello shoes:

Although they'd agreed not to do gifts, Lunda broke the rules and sent over a watch for Jonathan. Throughout the day, I caught Jonathan looking at his new watch and I don't think he was particularly interested in what time it was...

And now you're probably hoping to see Lunda in her wedding'll have to come back the meantime I'll show you the reaction of her bridesmaids:

Are you excited? You should be. I think we'll review the ceremony tomorrow. Comments make me happy....


  1. Awww, Leah you are such a tease!!! That last photo is *awesome* and I'm now DYING to see Lunda's dress!!!! I can't believe how well you captured the emotion of the bridesmaids. Stunning photo!

    PS. I love how you post the wedding over the week, although it is SO hard to wait for all of them!

  2. What a lovely wedding -- so much love, giggles, beauty and elegance. Your images are stunning Leah and truly reflect the feeling of the day and all the scrumptious style of the lovely couple, Lunda and Jonathon and their family and friends. Like all your faithful readers, I'm hungry for more posts! Such a pleasure shooting with you again. xoxoxoxoxo.

  3. @Neeta...I mean!!! But on the plus side you get to see 10-20 pictures per blog post so up to 100 from each wedding the same week :) Only a few more weeks until you'll be the blogee

    @Susan. Thank YOU for driving all the way from Michigan and being so amazing. If only we lived closer...

  4. If making a comment makes Leah happy...and a happy Leah keeps posting...then comments it is. No surprise that all your photos are beautiful. I love your point of view when you take a picture. The beauty of your subjects and the joy of the moment shines through. I love the goofy moments most of all. By the way, I'm happy to see all the chairs lined up so perfectly in the Museum of Dance. I thought it would make for a nice photo when I was lining them up. :P

  5. Love these Leah. We think they are sooo "Fabulous.

  6. LOVE seeing the pictures! I am a family friend and have yet to meet Lunda, but am loving the pictures!

  7. Ceremony pics? Please? Pretty please with ice cream on top? :)