Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer :: Yaddo Gardens :: Lunda + Jonathan (Part VI)

The comments over the weekend **here** overwhelmingly voted for more pictures of the wedding party at Yaddo Gardens and who am I to deny you...although I thought it was funny that one anonymous commenter accused another of possibly being a member of the wedding party. Anonymous - you know who you are...

Love love love it when a couple set aside some time to hang out with their closest friends and family - be it walking around town, in the limo or as at this wedding - on a trolley (loved the super nice trolley driver from Horsin' Around Trolley Tours) - lots of laughing, fun and of course more pictures - so here we are in Yaddo Gardens

And yes, it's all true - the wedding party are really just a bunch of hired j.crew models:

It's written in their job description that they need to have mad jumping skillz:

Looking this gorgeous is thirsty work I'll have you know:

Loving the layers and layers of dress:

Cute or hot? Or both?

Here is a little game for you to play. Correctly identify the members of the wedding party vs. the marble statues in the rose garden. I'm thinking this will look pretty awesome as a 24x12inch double page spread in the album...

Sometimes life just seems unfair. I haven't even airbrushed anyone. They REALLY look like this:

And the guys and Kate aren't too painful on the eyes either. When the jumping started I told them that Kate was getting pretty high up there - here's the proof:

I think we were mostly channeling "fierce" with a few people confusing "fierce" with "cute" maybe? It's all good:

Wow - is it time for the wedding reception already? It better be, I can't wait for you to see who the surprise guest was at Danielle & Kevin's wedding on Saturday...all coming up this week. So come back y'all. Do you think y'all works with my accent?


  1. love the photo of them in the garden witht he statues! that definitely will look awesome enlarged! amazing photos once again!!!

  2. You continue to take my breath away with these pictures. :) Great job, Leah!

    - Rebecca

  3. I love the liquid courage shot!!

  4. Hi Leah...I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying your photos...really beautiful,fun and so clear! Almost like we can touch them! Thank you so much for doing this for us. Great job!!! Kathy Romeo

  5. You are having way too much fun with this photography thing! No really, I am totally amazed at what you come up with! If you ever need someone to hold your camera or just someone to shout "Smile" or "Cupcakes", just let me know. I'm on it!!

  6. Leah... just keeps getting better and better. I'm just trying to catch my breath!


  7. Excellent use of the word "y'all" :-) the pics are amazing. You know I stalk your blog religiously but this time it's even worse!

  8. @Tracy Thank you! I see this wedding becoming a sample album in my future :)

    @Rebecca - thank you! Now breathe...

    @Connie & Kathy - the Moms of the Bride & Groom - your kids are super photogenic so my work is easy :) Thank you for both being so welcoming!

    @KT - Thank you :) Like I told Rebecca - remember to breathe please!

    @Lunda Hoping to get your reception picture previews up later today or tomorrow and then just a few weeks to finish processing everything. Are you home from Mexico? Maybe I'll try to write the next blog post in a Texas kind of accent? Not sure if I can pull it off!

  9. Leah- you are amazing!!!

  10. I love love love them all!!! So fun and absolutely gorgeous!!

    ~Bridesmaid extraordinaire Leanne :)