Hillview Country Club, North Reading, MA :: Wedding Photographer :: Stephanie + Tim (Part III)

Stephanie & Tim got married!!! Did you miss the ceremony? Quick - go and catch up **here**

Here are the newlyweds outside of the church with all their guests and even Reverend Flately. If your wedding venue has steps to facilitate this kind of shot, it's a great idea to put a note in your program asking everyone to gather immediately after the ceremony for a group picture:

We got to Hillview Country Club for the wedding reception and it was time for some relaxed family photographs. In the last post I introduced you to Nicholas the ring bearer, today you can meet Clayton and Bella the other junior members of the wedding party:

Stephanie has two sisters. Tim has two brothers. Meet the siblings:

Many photographers choose not to show family pictures or "formals" on their blogs. I can kind of see both sides. Of course I love showing you the epic and romantic couples pictures or the crazy shenanigans of the wedding party ( believe me, you won't want to miss tomorrow's post) but I think family pictures are such a critical part of the wedding that they should be shown.

I also recently read an online article where a bride (not one of mine!) was super upset that her wedding photographer had chosen not to blog her wedding as "it wasn't cute enough". How awful. I blog my favorite pictures from every wedding (unless I'm requested not to!)
- it's a great way for friends and family to get a preview of the wedding pictures
- for the bride & groom to relive the wedding whilst it's still fresh and to see all of the little details that they might have missed on the day
- and to show the consistency of my work.
If I decided a wedding wasn't blog-worthy then frankly, it would mean I haven't done my job well!

Anyway, I'll get off my blog soapbox now, and introduce the parents:

Stephanie's parents:

Tim's parents:

My Mom is coming over to visit in October so I'm all excited about Moms in general right now! The Mother of the Bride & Groom both looked so beautiful that I thought they deserved an extra picture:

I like to shoot family pictures as fast as possible (to get you to cocktail hour!), make it as relaxed and painless as I can (because who wants to pose for formals for 2 hours?), but still get pictures that are worthy of a frame on the wall at your grandparents house and that will document your family in your wedding album as it's passed down through generations.

Extended families:

And that's it for today people. Tomorrow's post will be posted at 9:37am or before - I know that because I've already written it - and you do NOT want to miss it! Comments always welcome...

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  1. Yay you Leah! Family groups are the pictures that will join the family history on the mantle... your epic romantics are so fun and creative and ... well... romantic! But good for you for taking (a) such lovely formal groups, and (b) recognizing how important these are to the family.