Kimball Farms, Westford, MA :: Pre-wedding Photography :: Jennifer and Eric

I'm still working on the wedding reception pictures for Lori & Kris and so rather than have a blog day without an update, I thought I would share some favorites of a rather spectacular shoot I did recently - especially as Jenn has been waiting so patiently...

Yes, you read the title correctly. This was a pre-wedding shoot!

I'll often do a first look with couples before their ceremony:
- the bride and groom get to have a beautiful private moment before they get married
- the time spent together on the wedding day which is all about the two of you is longer
- hair and make up is fresh and you look awesome
- you can do all your wedding party and family pictures early
- we'll have more time for those epic couples portraits
- so you can enjoy the champagne and appetizers at cocktail hour
You can see some first look wedding pictures at the Hyatt Cambridge **here** or at the Winter Garden at the Seaport Hotel **here**

Anyway, this was the first time I have ever done a first look a few weeks before the wedding! But Jenn is not your average bride. She's pretty darn awesome. And Eric, her husband to be, is a lucky man and an absolute trooper for taking pictures on a steamy Thursday evening in August! We met up at Kimball Farms in Westford, MA. They will be providing the ice cream sundae bar at Jenn & Eric's wedding which is coming up very shortly.

Kimball Farm is also a great unusual wedding venue north of Boston. They offer New England Clambakes or All-America BBQ! Wedding party pictures on the bumper boats? Yes please!

#1 reason Jenn is awesome: She dyed her crinoline underskirt hot pink. With RustOleum. Yup, when her seamstress told her you couldn't dye that kind of fabric, Jenn just went ahead and 8 cans of hot pink RustOleum later she was all set.

#2 reason Jenn & Eric are awesome: they're having a candy-themed wedding. From candy invitations to different dessert tortes on each table and the ice cream sundae bar. It seemed only fitting that we should get a picture of Jenn with a giant lollipop:

Jake is Jenn's son and he's pretty cool too! Before Eric arrived, I took some pictures of him with Jenn and then on his own. All the more time to enjoy the ice cream at the wedding!

#3 reason Jenn is awesome: not only did she schedule her hair and make up trial for the pre-wedding shoot but she'd even ordered an extra bouquet! Love these pictures:

#4 reason Jenn & Eric are awesome. There are probably not that many brides who would come up with the idea of a pre-wedding shoot at Kimball Farm. And probably even fewer grooms who would put on their suit and dress shoes in 97 degree heat. But that's Jenn & Eric for you. They're kind of opposites but they go so well together:

Gotta love the random chickens at Kimball Farms. Almost as much as I love the mint choc chip ice cream with hot butterscotch sauce:

Also loving the old beat up truck we stumbled across:

A final few pictures of Jenn as it started to get dark:

I think people were a little bemused at the sight of a bride hanging out in the line for the grill and seafood but I think you are all aware of my obsession with twinkly lights by now...

Jenn & Eric - you guys are truly awesome (see above reasons) and I can't wait to photograph your wedding in a few weeks! And don't worry - Jenn gave me permission to post these pictures prior to the wedding :)

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  1. How funny! What a great shoot! I'm all on board with after-wedding shoots, but never heard of a pre-wedding shoot! Very cute couple, can't wait to see their wedding!

    PS. I *LOVE* Kimball Farms ice cream! What a great idea!

  2. These are so cute, I love the chickens and the truck. And the colors are amazing - the pink tulle is perfect!

  3. I LOVE ALL OF THEM! SQUEEEE!! Thank you SO much! These are lighting up the internet since ALL my family is online!

  4. @Neeta. Their ice cream IS the best - you should try the black raspberry or the Mint Choc Oreo :) And we have to schedule your post-wedding shoot!

    @Christine H Thank you!

    @Jenn. Yay! If all your family will be reading this then I should of course thank your amazing Mom and StepMom for helping out :) Looking forward to seeing everyone in less than 2 weeks!

  5. This is Jenn's Mom! Thanks for the shout out. I'm bedazzled with these shots and your talent for truly capturing her bubbly creative nature. Eric was real GQ too. Jake is more than I could wish for as my handsome grandson and I'm delighted to have had this experience with you and them. I'm "toasting" the moments yet to be! See you next week and bring a big spoon for ice cream too>

  6. These are awesome pictures! I LOVE Jenn's flowers.