Griffin Photography Museum Wedding, Winchester, MA :: Erin + Jeffrey (Part II)

So I took a little blogging hiatus to catch up with the crazy amount of shooting I've been doing, galleries galore are uploading as we speak and I think it's time to get back to Erin & Jeffrey's wedding at the Griffin Photography Museum in Winchester, MA.

Last time we spoke I shared some of the getting ready pictures, the save the dates, the invitations, the shoes, oh the shoes **here** and I have many delights for you today followed with a tiny preview of their first look. Without further ado...

All of the brides/groomsmaids were given custom hoodies, tote bags, flags and the most beautiful necklaces:

Erin carefully folded her grandmother's handkerchief to wrap around her bouquet:

Bow tying, dress fastening and deodorant drying:

Erin's mom and sister helped with her jewelry. Loving Colleen's expression as she makes sure Erin's necklace is firmly clasped:

Colleen carefully secured the veil in her sister's hair:

And Erin's Mom had the following reaction seeing her daughter as a bride:

Erin & Jeffrey said that photography was very important to them (music to my ears). They did so many amazing things to make their wedding special whilst allowing time for photography that I thought I'd share

1. They chose to do a first look
Yes, I know I've written about this before but if you decide to see each other earlier in the day then
a) you get to share more of your day together without waiting until 6pm to see each other
b) you can spend more time with your closest friends and family
c) it won't take away from the emotion at your wedding ceremony. Believe me, I'd say about 50% of my wedding clients chose to do a first look and there are almost always tears at the ceremony even after they've seen each other
d) you can enjoy cocktail hour - mmmm, appetizers and champagne
e) you'll get epic pictures, what's not to love?!

2. They had a back up rain plan.
Trust me when I say that the last place you want to do your family pictures is "the photo room" at your venue. Your wedding coordinator may try to sell you on this - there are rare exceptions with beautiful light - but most of the time this will be a horrid dark room with a choice of a pink or green velour curtain. Ugh. Rain happens but a porch, a hotel reception area, a library is usually better than the dreaded "photo room".
On 10.10.10 the weather couldn't have been better but if it had rained we would have been all set as Erin & Jeffrey researched historic buildings in the area and managed to rent the grand estate of Sanborn House for a very reasonable fee for just two hours. What an excellent idea!

3. Flags - more on that later. Huzzah!

Oh, sorry, you're all "Shut up Leah! Where are the d*mn first look pictures?!!?"

So off we went to Sanborn House to get all of the lovely family portraits and wedding party pictures before the ceremony. As everyone headed inside, I was in full ninja photographer mode to take this picture. Erin & Jeffrey were completely unaware that I was hiding in a doorway inside the house whilst the talked outside on the porch and I love it:

I don't think these pictures need any captions:

And in case you have any doubt about just how awesomely cool Erin & Jeffrey are I have just two words for you: mustache flags:

I'll be back later with pictures of the wedding party and some relaxed family portraits followed by a healthy serving of one of the most personal wedding ceremonies I have seen in a while topped off with some excellent partying and wedding reception shenanigans...comments welcomed as always :)


  1. gorgeous! love the mustache flags and can't wait to hear the explaination for them! looking forward to the rest of them!

    I was having 'leah picture withdrawals' while you were on your hiatus! :)

  2. Wow, Leah! These are fantastic! I can't wait to see more. You were such a joy to work with. Thank you so much for helping make the day perfect. And that is a pretty great face I'm making. :)


  3. @Tracy Thanks!

    @Colleen. Thank you for the kind words. You guys were a lot of fun to work with! Just wait until you see the robot bridesmaid pictures :) As I was working on the pictures I kept thinking you reminded me of someone and I just realised that it's Kiera Knightly!

  4. Leah!!

    You were an absolute TREAT! You were so considerate and wonderful, and I will never forget working with you. You never know, if I can find someone I can tolerate for longer than 6 months I may have to fly you down here to do my wedding!



  5. Want to wash the problems and stresses of the day away? Look at beautiful pictures of a happy bride and groom and feel their joy and happiness! Ahhhh.....I'm smiling again!