Nubble Light Wedding Elopement Ceremony :: Cape Neddick, ME :: Tess + Allen

Wait!!! Before you read any further did you miss Tess & Allen's wedding ceremony on the rocks at Sohier Park at Nubble Light? If so click **here** to catch up and then hurry back now!

The little town of York was lovely and quiet.

We took some pictures at the Atlantic:

And just outside the Atlantic we stumbled across a little display of pumpkins. One was beautifully carved with a W. We had no idea what this was for but it seemed marvelously portentous as "W" is the first letter of their new last name!

Tess and Allen were just so fun to hang out with, never mind photograph! I mentioned to Tess that I'd like to take a picture of them crossing the road and so she happily grabbed Allen's hand and skipped across the road. A number of times :)

Tess pointed wistfully at the carousel in the fairground but it was closed for the season; as we drove past my usually law-abiding husband pointed out that the gate was only tied with a tiny piece of white plastic and was the perfect height for Allen to lift Tess over...

As the afternoon went on it got a little colder and darker and windier but Tess and Allen were like "sure, let's go on the beach! shall we take our shoes off and run out to the water?" Umm - hello could I wish for better clients!?!?

And if I've shown you their shoes, it seems only appropriate to show you their feet!

Right now, this might just be one of my all-time favorite pictures. I'd love to tell you that I posed them like this and told Tess to hop up perfectly on one foot but I'm not a super-posey kind of person. This is ALL just Tess and Allen:

We also made a stop at an old Maine stone church:

On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy do you think Tess and Allen are right now?

And that ladies and gentlemen is it for today. Coming up tomorrow are Kate & Chris getting married at the Old State House, then we'll have another break from weddings with Lindsay and Matt's engagement pictures and then it'll be time for my 10.10.10 wedding which you won't want to miss...

Oh go on then, one more picture. Tess & Allen - you have NO idea how happy I am that you stumbled across me and asked me to photograph your wedding. You are two of the sweetest people ever and I hope that these pictures bring the day back for you. Wishing you so much happiness together. Leah (and Paul)

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  1. The picture you said that is your favorite picture maybe ever; is stunning, left me breathless. I hope they blow that up to an 8x10 and frame it. Fantastic

    P.S. Long time no chat, I'll send you a novel soon.

  2. They are the most amazing pictures ever. But then again, I might be biased as it is my daughter in law and my son. Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures, allowing us to share in their perfect day. Each one is more beautiful than the last. Gorgeous!!

  3. Tess (Harper) WasselOctober 8, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    I've been sitting here for more than an hour looking at the amazing pictures you took. Leah, you are so incredibly talented. I absolutely cannot believe how lucky we were to find you (and paul).
    I was so sad to leave kennebunkport but you brought all the happiness back to me with this post. I can't ever thank you enough!!! Tess (Harper) Wassel

  4. Wow, I LOVE them!!! Love your fave photo and also the photo of their feet and the wide shot of the beach (very cool sky!). They are such a cute and happy couple. Makes me SO excited for our TTD shoot on the beach!!! YAYYYY!!!!

  5. @Renee - I miss you :) We have to chat soon, I want to hear all about your latest plans. May 14th will be here before we know it and can't wait for your wedding pictures!

    @Cindy Thank you! So happy that these pictures allow you to share in the day. Tess & Allen was so incredibly happy, such a lovely couple and that made it even easier to photograph them!

    @ Tess. I have a huge smile on my face knowing that my pictures have made you happy. I can't wait for you to see the other hundreds of pictures...soon! Hello to your husband ;)

    @ Neeta - just a few weeks! I will be crossing my fingers that we get the same amazing weather!

  6. These photos are utterly sublime. I cannot get over how perfect they are ... you = awesometasticness!