Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA :: Engagement Pictures :: Jennifer + Wiktor

A few weeks ago I met up with Jennifer & Wiktor at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA to take their engagement pictures.

The Wayside Inn is the venue where Jennifer and Wiktor will be having their winter wedding next month and it's a photographer's dream of gardens, woods, grist mills and ponds:

"But wait!" I'm sure you're saying, "How did Jennifer and Wiktor meet?" Here are pictures of them talking through the story:

Well, seeing as you asked so nicely...Jennifer and Wiktor both happened to be at a party in Washington, DC on the very night that Barack Obama became the forty-fourth President of the United States.

Jen was telling a friend that she only wanted to date older guys. So Wiktor told Jen he was 48 years old. He's not ;)

Fast forward to Jen and Wiktor getting along like a house on fire and dating.

Then fast forward again to Wiktor spending a LOT of time in jewelry stores looking for the PERFECT engagement ring. He finally finds the one and arranges for it to be shipped to him in Washington as soon as it's ready.

Wiktor and Jen have a weekend planned together in Miami in February. Everything is coming together, Wiktor books flights, makes dinner reservations, there's just one issue. There is a huge snowstorm in Washington and the fedex package with Jen's ring can't be found and will likely arrive a day or two late.

Wiktor speaks to a wonderful customer service representative who can't resist the romance of the story; she personally finds the ring, gets it to Wiktor on time so he can ask Jennifer to be his wife. Jennifer says yes. Phew.

And here's the old grist mill I promised you:

As part of the wedding package offered by the Wayside Inn there will be a horse and carriage and I'm hoping we can clippety clop back to the mill for wedding pictures if the weather/schedule permits:

Jennifer and Wiktor are very fun to hang out with and they are also incredibly easy to photograph:

I've been challenging myself to see things differently so I shot this dancing picture through a small gap in the wooden fence. I rather like it. You?

It was a little too early for the leaves to have changed but you can't have fall engagement pictures without a little flash of orange foliage. Add in some laughter and it's even better:

Just next month, Jen & Wiktor will have their wedding ceremony at the Mary Martha Chapel and then their wedding reception at the Wayside Inn. It promises to be a supremely personal event with the focus on celebrating with family and fun cultural involvement like the Polish vodka ceremony which I am most intrigued by....

Coming soon to a blog near you (probably Wed & Thur) Tess & Allen's beautiful wedding ceremony at Nubble Light in Maine and Kate & Chris's fabulous wedding at the Old State House in Boston...

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